Lead generationAre your lead generation efforts lacking? Are you not sure why you don’t get as many leads as you should?

You might be doing the same things again and over again. If these strategies don’t pan out, you need change your views and try something different.

For example, are you not getting the sales and clicks from your email marketing or your on page time for your blog posts are low, change things up. This means thinking differently about your marketing and finding different ways to generate more leads and convert them into sales.

Try some direct mail – In today’s online world, not too many marketers use or even think about direct mail. It’s usually a multitude of online areas, but using this avenue can bring big results. Since email and other online messaging can get caught in a busy decision maker’s spam box, direct mail has a more direct approach – offline. In fact, many B2B marketers still use direct mail as a main lead generation source for their business.

Don’t forget calls to action – Many marketers organize their blogging well; send out emails and occasionally use landing page, but don’t include a call-to-action in their messaging. Sure, some might, but it could be a weak one or they may use passive words for lead generation.

Instead, use active messaging words and tell them what they should do. Get them to do it and you’ll see more conversions from all your marketing efforts.

Use social media – Social media isn’t just about selfies and hashtags, you can really boost your lead generation efforts with the right social strategy. Sure, it may take more time than other marketing tactics, but the payoff can be huge. Not to mention, social can help with brand awareness and other important marketing objectives.

A few ways to use social media for lead generation could include:

  • • Link to landing pages
  • • Use social media WITH your marketing – not in place of it
  • • Put calls to action in your social profiles
  • • Focus only on where your audience is; don’t get on every social network out there

Offer your audience incentives – Another great way to improve your lead generation and conversions are offer up some incentives. Many look for the deal and their motivation peaks with something that saves them money. To make this work, try different types, including time sensitive offers to instill a sense of urgency to act.

Boost Your Lead Generation Efforts

Generating leads from your marketing efforts don’t always need to come from the same ideas. Mix things up and try some old or new or different options to boost lead generation and your bottom-line.