Do you live and breathe content marketing?

Here at Curata, we decided to have a little fun and come up with 24 different ways to finish the sentence:

You know you’re a content marketer if. . .

While there are several traits that make a content marketer successful, there are also tell-tale signs that indicate your are passionate about your job.

Do you relate to these? Add your own anecdotes in the comment section below!

1. You spend half your day trying to come up with titles that are both catchy AND search engine optimized.


2. You create an infographic for your Facebook friends about what it’s like to be a parent.

3. You create an infographic of infographics.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 2.22.36 PM

4. You see orange clothes in a store and think of Joe Pulizzi.


5. You see a sign for Red Bull at a bar and instead of thinking of Red Bull Vodka, you think of the awesome content they have on The Red Bulletin.


6. You think about content curation when you’re visiting the art museum with your significant other.

7. You actually know what “native advertising” is.

8. Instead of listening to Serial, you’re more excited to listen to marketing podcasts, such as Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose’s This Old Marketing and Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner.


9. Your favorite coffee table book is Everybody Writes by Ann Handley.


10. Someone sends you a holiday card using the word content (as in happy), and you accidentally pronounce it as content (as in content marketing).

11. You want to optimize your kid’s English paper for SEO.

12. Your friends assume that all you do is blog and they try to tell you blogging isn’t a real job.


13. You plan your vacations around marketing conferences, such as Content Marketing World, Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit, and MarketingProfs B2B Forum.

14. You think that you’ll go crazy if you hear the term “Content is King” one more time.


15. Your wife asks you to put up a utility shed in the backyard and your first thought is that maybe Jay Baer can help out.

jay baer youtility

16. You have a collection of tchotchkes from various content marketing conferences.

17. You have trouble writing an email without including links, bolding, and bullet points.

18. You can easily spot cheesy stock photos when browsing the Internet.

19. You see tofu in the grocery store and start thinking about the sales and marketing funnel. (i.e., TOp of FUnnel)

20. Whenever you see a swimming pool, you can’t help but think of Marcus Sheridan.

marcus sheridan pool

21. You have a strong stance on various grammar rules, such as the oxford comma.

oxford comma

22. Sometimes, you feel like you’re herding sheep trying to manage all of your blog’s guest posters and freelance writers.


23. Formatting and editing an 80+ page eBook is no big deal.


And finally…

24. You genuinely love your job.


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