shoutWhen you’re competing for an audience who already has their attention spanned maxed out, how do you compete? In steps the Co-Marketing revolution. Traditional marketing has been evolving for a long time. The world of vendors has learned to evolve past magazine ads and billboards. So where does Co-Marketing fit in this revolution? The answer: Everywhere.

Co-Marketing is a partnership between two or more companies where all of the companies market each other’s products as an addition or complement to their own. The beauty of Co-Marketing is it can exist anywhere and everywhere. For example, a health foods company who specializes in organic fruits and vegetable may partner with a smoothie company and both will market each other’s complementary product. It can span in person demonstrations, content, webinars, and visuals. And that’s just the beginning…

Co-Marketing Is What Co-Branding Wanted To Be

In the simplest of terms, Co-Branding has the traditional chains of two entities representing their interest while holding hands. Co-Marketing is it’s evolved cousin. The real thing it does differently is committing to the relationship. Co-Branding is always clear that while they are hanging out with you, they have no real commitment.

Harnessing the existing traffic of already established websites is at the very core of Co-Marketing. The difference between targeted ads or link building is that the company is aware and endorsing your company voluntarily while you return the favor. Of course, it’s not all just scratching each other’s back because the partnership must yield results.

So, how do you find these interrelated companies ready to partner with your business? Companies like BoostSuite are at the forefront of this information transformation. BoostSuite allows you to match to your potential partners specifically matched to your company. The Co-Marketing that BoostSuite facilitates helps attract new customers your business may not have otherwise reached.

Co-Marketing exists directly outside of the traditional borders in which marketing has previously existed. In the past, the fostering of the relationship has been done across the business table. Co-Marketing allows the creation of a pact while everyone sits on the same side.

Does Co-Marketing Only Come In One Form? Nope!

Just like the whole of Internet marketing, C0-Marketing is a chameleon for your brands marketing needs. There are obviously some forms of Co-Marketing that are easier than others, but all forms bring noticeable results. Whether the size of your company is big, small or somewhere in the middle, you can always use a little help from new-found friends. Like anything else, it’s good to start out small and grow from there. With the right partner, who knows what you could achieve.

Content Makes The World Wide Web Go ‘Round

How many times have you been searching for ideas and come across a blog and that would pair great with your audience and don’t know how to go about getting in touch with that blogger? Well that problem is a thing of the past! Now, with website Co-Marketing platforms like BoostSuite, two brands can collaborate on an article, blog, or other types of content to increase their audience visibility with each unique audience. All unique content today, whether blogging, ebooks or website copy can be useful to different business identities. The trouble usually comes when you find one, and you don’t know about to get in touch with them.

Visualize Your Success

We’ve all been guilty of recognizing peoples’ faces all over the room, but for the life of us we couldn’t remember their name? It happens with content too! Sometimes people want a quick, one-two glance of information and then it’s time to move on. It’s not always the case, but when it is, indulge them and create something for the more visual individual. Try to work with someone who has different strengths than you. If you are a software to services company specializing in healthcare, find a design firm that has more experience with design and play off of each others strengths. The age of two heads being better than one is over. It’s all about two organizations coming together to build one great enterprise of information.

The Makeover Of Webinars

How does a Webinar translate into Co-Marketing? We’re so glad you asked! Traditionally, webinars have been singularly focused on reaching a particular audience with few of them being applicable across business. Now, instead of getting live in front of one audience, you’ve got the ear of consumers across multiple ventures. The key is to find a topic that appeals to all the audiences involved. For example, if you are a jewelry outlet pairing with a clothing line you would want to focus on compatibility of the companies. You would do that by highlighting they complement each other, and why utilizing both of their services enhances the customers overall buying experience.


Let us know your experiences with Co-Marketing or if you have any questions!