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While there are many differences between a typical creative agency and a content marketing agency, there are also many similarities. Especially when considering creative project management best practices that can be applied to content marketing as well. While the carryover may not be a 100 percent match, the similarities make it easy to apply these three aspects:

1. Managing multiple creative sources

Within a content marketing agency, you have designers and writers who are constantly in a sparring match. Designers want a good idea of copy in order to actually create the design, but writers want to know the entire visual before they can put the proverbial pen to paper.

In this way, the project methodology is fairly flexible. You need to have both camps working in tandem so that when there are any changes, it’s communicated across the board. You can’t afford to have a rigid waterfall project management style, as that would hamper the staff members who complete their portion before handing off to the next. A framework from each will help the other with their work, but it still needs to be done with some semblance of order.

That’s where a strong project manager can make a huge difference. Encourage the designers to lay out a visual concept so that the writers can get a feel for the entire aesthetic. Then have the writers put together a framework for the content so that the graphic designers can continue to work on their responsibilities. When major changes occur, be sure that the entire project team is aware.

2. Avoid bottlenecks as much as possible

With most of the content being sent to the C-suite executives for approval before publication, this can be a big bottleneck. It’s important that a project manager in a content marketing agency doesn’t wait until the last minute to ask for a review. With timelines being flexible on account of the multiple creative sources, you may need to build in some review time, as well as an opportunity for any revisions and a second review.

You’ll also keep the project moving smoothly if you space out when you’re submitting drafts for approval. Lots of content at once can seem daunting and might be rejected just out of decision fatigue. Space them out, give the CEO a chance to breathe a bit in between, and you’ll have a much better chance of having things accomplished efficiently. The feedback will be productive and useful, and the review will be honest.

3. Software is crucial

Having software that saves you time is especially important for a content marketing agency. This can help in managing the entire team, as well as communicating with the project stakeholders. Your team can collaborate on the deliverables. If there are changes after the initial concept that need to make it from the designers to the writers, they can happen seamlessly.

When you’re soliciting feedback from your reviewers, they can note suggestions within the same software. And your version history can clearly show what changes have been, so if there is any scope creep, you’ll be aware of it before it can consume the project. All of these timesaving benefits of project management software can work wonders for a content marketing agency.