How many times have you heard the phrase: “Content is King?” More times than you care to remember, I’m sure. But what’s a king without his crown? You can write the most revolutionary content that is sure to convert any prospect in it’s path, but if your content isn’t on the right path, it doesn’t matter. Personalization and targeting will crown your content with relevancy every time. When done correctly, they increase your conversion rate 10x over.

These Are My 5 Steps To Help You Maximize Content Effectiveness

Know What Works

Stay on top of how your existing content is performing. This goes beyond simply calculating click-throughs, impressions and social performance. Apply qualitative factors by incorporating advanced segmentation to enrich your marketing assets audit. Add layers of firmographic data (industry, company and behavior) and include criteria meaningful to your business to make sure you’re driving the right opportunities down the funnel.

Relevancy Is the Secret Ingredient

There are two different avenues you need to pursue for your content relevancy:

  • Firmographic Relevancy – Deliver content based on industry, company and more. Visitors are decision-makers, and a whopping 98% of those decision-makers visiting your site are anonymous. Meaning you don’t have their email and you can’t give them a call. “De-anonymize” inbound visitors in real-time, joining firmographics to your data.
  • Behavioral Relevancy – Let their Digital Body Language be your guide. One of the best indicators of your prospects’ intent and potential is their digital behavior. Decipher their digital body language to leverage your most relevant content. Discern from these digital signals which stage your prospects are in within the customer decision journey. Are they trying to solve a problem? Search for a specific product? Let their body language be your guide.

Always Be Ready (for Real-Time)

Speed and Relevancy are the name of the game. Teaming up the right content with the right prospect at the right time is the golden ticket of marketing and requires real-time action. Your prospects are busy people whose time is too valuable to waste on irrelevant content. And there are too many options out in the market. Your prospects are on your site right now for a reason. Use a real-time personalization engine to design your campaigns to deliver relevance onsite when your prospects are ready, not when you are. (I have a good platform to suggest.)

Be a Marketing Superhero

If you employ such features as automatic asset audit with your personalization engine, predicting the success of your content can be one of your superpowers. Powered by machine-learning, you can reach a greater conversion rate by engaging your prospects with the most converting and relevant content. This is not based on an intuitive hunch, but on recommendations based on successes with similar prospects.

Hone Your Marketing Chi

So now that you’ve discovered your best converting content, not just overall, but according to your buyer personas, you should use these inbound results to fine-tune your outbound efforts. Your inbound prospects should be fed with the right content based on their personas, allowing you to sync your most converting channels with your most converting content for a full-funnel, all round content strategy.