Last Sunday was National Ice Cream Day in the US. This delectable treat has been pleasing taste buds since the BC years. Many cultures had some form of “iced” treat. Ice cream as we know it today is a more recent invention.

Credit: Sarah Gilbert

As I was digging into my Chocolate Sundae, I lamented how quickly it disappears. Our thinking always, “Just one more bite.” Twelve bites later and the carton is empty. But, it lingers in our minds, ” When did one more bite become a pint’s worth of ice cream?”

Applying Just One More Bite to Content

As a copywriter this is a dilemma that I frequent when working with clients. I have begun to think and adapt “just pne more bite” to my writing philosophy. In this case “one more bite” refers to giving your potential customer reasons to seek more “information”. When they do you want them cognitively primed to see your product as a solution.

Here are two examples:

A) Leading Someone On Without Being Explicit

“Just Do It” – Nike

B) Asking a Question

“Got Milk?”- California Milk Processing Board.

The key to these examples is that your brain has to make a cognitive leap.

In A, you have to figure out what ” it” refers to. Because you know the Nike Brand you know “it” is athletics. In a great coincidence that is Nike’s business. You are already primed to buy.

In example B we have a yes or no question. Either you have milk or you don’t. I bet cognitively you will remember to pick it up the next time you go to the store.

If you are looking for more examples, think of what these slogans would mean in a vacuum. If you didn’t know the brand could you still tell what the product is? If the name of the product is in the slogan, does it challenge your thinking ? Or is it simply a statement about the product?

The “one more bite” philosophy is about keeping your customers hungry to learn more about you. Let them keep digging for that extra bite to gain satisfaction.

Was there a time when less information made you more interested in a product?