Disney Infinity CollaborationThe recent announcement of Disney Infinity, a new video game that combines the various Disney-owned worlds like Pirates of the Caribbean, Pixar movies like Monsters, Inc. and The Incredibles, and even A Nightmare Before Christmas, spoke to a cool spin on the idea of collaboration.

Collaboration between different creators has long been a big push of sites like YouTube, which has included collaboration as a major tool to help creators in its YouTube Creator Playbook since that resource’s inception. Freely working together to build a bigger, better whole is certainly not a new idea to people in more corporate settings, but it might just be a concept that needs a bit of a push when it comes to creative minds making content.

Applying Collaboration to Content

When it comes to applying the idea of collaboration to your content marketing plan, an easy idea is to increase your collaboration with your clients and customers. Building out an agile marketing plan can help you build out your client and customer collaboration. Working together with clients at the start can help you build new ideas for how to market their product or service.

Crafting content that appeals to both clients and customers is important. A happy client will share your work to anyone capable of seeing it, but crafting content that will not only appeal to customers, but also interest them in helping out will, definitely boost your marketing plan into the stratosphere.

In addition, maintaining a sense of transparency with your clients will increase their motivation to help, and decrease any potential misunderstandings when it comes to your content. Providing clear, concise, and quick responses to any concerns and addressing any potential problems either you or the client might have down the road is absolutely key to a solid collaborative atmosphere.

Getting More with More

Building out relationships with other content marketers can also help you to create new dynamic material that will increase awareness of your work. Who do you know that can help you put together a podcast, vlog, infographic, etc.? Tapping these resources and forging alliances in the world of content marketing can help you to build a better strategy, learn from another person in your field, and could even result in new content more powerful than your solo work.

Beyond collaboration with clients or other content marketers, also consider collaborations with PR firms. Combining the skills of solid content creation with the press relations push of a good PR firm can be like putting chocolate and peanut butter together – great, obviously. Plus, PR people might be able to advise you on how to build better, more relatable content that will appeal to a wider base.

How have collaborations improved your content marketing?