Jaguar Marketing

This past weekend I experienced one hell of marketing campaign. It was probably the best I’ve ever experienced personally…because the company got me hooked.

In this post I’ll tell you about the campaign/event and why it worked so well. If I seem a bit enthused it’s because I am – both about the marketing and the product.

A friend of mine invited me out to the Jaguar ALIVE Driving event.

During the event we got the chance to drive through the Jaguar car lineup (including the ridiculous new F-Type) on three different courses accompanied by professional drivers.

Let me tell you something…every one should have a friend that takes them Jaguar driving.

The Play-by-Play

The entire experience was meticulously thought out.

When we first arrived at Citi Field a golf cart picked us up to take us to the main tent. Nice touch considering it was smoldering hot outside.

An even nicer touch was the air-conditioning. But after registering, signing in and walking through they topped it off with some ice cold water, lemonade and snacks.

An expert was there to tell us all about the engineering that goes into the car parts – which happened to be prominently on display along with with the XKR-S GT. That’s this bad boy right here:

A quick orientation about the cars we would be driving followed. This included information about the engineering, the design, and some history.

Did you know that Jaguar only makes 62,000 cars per year? I didn’t.

Then the fun part started…the driving. I could keep going about all the details and how great the cars were, but you probably get the picture at this point.

So what does this have to do with you?

The Takeaways

Impressions matter. The design of the entire event was spot on from the very beginning. Getting picked up in the cart certainly didn’t hurt in setting the mood for the rest of the event.

Now, you may not be in a position where you’ll be picking up customers in a gold cart. But you can still set impressions no matter what business you’re in…

How do you answer the phone? What does your website? Does it still look like a 90′s GeoCities site? Or is it modern and clean? Design goes a long way in setting impressions and building trust.

They weren’t selling. There wasn’t a single sales person on site. They weren’t trying to sell Jaguars, they were trying to educate us about them and demonstrate what they can do.

Mission accomplished. I’m educated and I want one.

Can you say content marketing? :)

Nothing beats a demonstration…almost. Robyn Crump over at Firepole Marketing recently wrote about how demonstrations are the king of proof. She states” no copywriter could ever really be as persuasive as a good demonstration.”

And that’s certainly true. Except there’s one thing that can beat a demonstration: a test-drive.

Sure, I can see how great your thingamajig is at wiping up spills. But if you let me test it out and let me wipe up the spill myself I’ll be more convinced.

Now this obviously doesn’t pertain to every single business out there. Not everyone can give a test drive. It’s not always possible for some businesses, and in some cases it’s just not economically viable.

But the closer you can get to letting someone “test drive” your product or service, the more convincing your sales pitch will be.

The End Result

Prior to the event I certainly knew about Jaguar and some of their history. I thought of the car as “nice.” But they never really stood out to me.

This event changed all that. I was thoroughly impressed with the cars. Yes, the marketing angle was great, but if the product didn’t live up to the hype I likely wouldn’t be writing this.

Or maybe I would be writing it from a very different point of view, with a very different lesson.

Jaguar’s marketing campaign got me hooked. Kudos.