Your website should be an ambassador of your company, maximizing your visitors’ engagement in order to improve the chances of them making a purchase, returning to your site and> telling their friends about it.

And it’s not just about written material, digital media such as videos, images and podcasts are important elements in creating fresh, targeted and valuable content that begs to be shared. Follow this guide and you can ensure your on-site content is reaching its engagement potential.


Successful online videos have a powerful impact – they’re the next best thing to actually being there to talk to your customers. Engaging videos will keep your customers watching longer and get shared with their friends.

To create engaging video content you need to know your audience. How old are they? What are their likes and dislikes? What keywords capture their attention? Your video needs to take all of this into consideration. As well as this it’s imperative to be clear and energetic from the start. Viewers need to know in the first five to ten seconds why they should keep watching your video so you need a hook. Use someone in your video that communicates passion and energy to keep your viewer interested.

Image Galleries

For visitors who don’t want to watch videos, images are the next best thing. As visual representations of your company, images are a great opportunity to communicate with and engage your audience. A strong image catches the eye quickly and refuses to be ignored, building brand identity and setting a mood for your site.

The above rules apply to images as well as videos, but to create engaging images remember to keep them clear, concise (not overcrowded), consistently sized and easy to consume.

Remember images don’t have to just be pictures – infographics are incredibly engaging shareable content; just don’t forget to watermark them to increase your brand awareness.


To create engaging audio content, planning is essential. Similarly to video content, it needs to be well structured in order to capture your listeners’ attention. The most engaging audio content creates empathy between you and the listener while offering them something unique and relevant.

Be authentic and vary your format; use stories, anecdotes, interviews, debates and comedy (if it suits your brand).

Social Sharing and Additional Exposure

Keeping your visitors on your site is important, of course. But once you’ve engaged them, you need to capitalize on their potential by ensuring that all of your content is socially shareable.

Make sure you have all of the right plug-ins and buttons for social sharing. Find out where your customers socialize online and make it easy for them to advertise your business there. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest are all essential social spheres that allow your customers to do your marketing for you.  And remember – it doesn’t hurt to ask. Sometimes reminding your customers to share your content is just the push they need.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Your digital assets are invaluable in making your site as engaging and shareable as possible; therefore they need to be looked after accordingly.Using a DAM platform helps you store and organize your digital assets, share them easily and efficiently and ensure that you get the credit for all of the socially engaging content that you should be inspired to create after reading this post.

So what are you waiting for?