In a perfect world, every marketing team would have more than enough time for creating and publishing brilliant blog posts and other evidence of their content marketing awesomeness, as well as staying engaged with their audiences, right?

Alas, this is seldom the case. Bombarded by demands from all sides, most marketing teams — even larger ones — find it a challenge to keep up with the demands of a vibrant content marketing program.

Here’s the good news: help is available!

So how do you decide whether bringing in a content marketing agency will resolve your time management woes? Here are a few questions that will help:

  1. Is the company committed to a strong content marketing program?

This seems like a basic question, but there’s a big difference between taking on an initiative in-house and spending budgetary dollars to outsource it. If senior management isn’t yet convinced of the advantages of a strong content marketing program, you may have some educating to do before you submit that budget request.

  1. Are our needs not-quite-enough to justify a full-time employee?

If there’s more to do content-wise than your existing team can handle, but not enough to justify bringing on a new team member, outsourcing might be the perfect option for you. An agency can fill that gap while also accommodating peaks and valleys in activity levels.

  1. Is our team’s collective skillset up to the task?

Remember, a successful content marketing program demands much more than the ability to write a blog post. It also takes a deep understanding of branding, strategic planning, lead generation, SEO, thought leadership, and a slew of other disciplines. If you have some skill gaps in your current team, an agency can help fill them.

  1. Is creating content fun for us?

Many of the clients who come to Resonance say of their teams “we can create content — we just don’t enjoy it.” If creating content ever becomes a chore, your audience will be able to sense it, and the quality of the end result will be less than it could have been. Rather than putting your team through an exercise they don’t enjoy, why not bring in some content geeks who love this stuff?

  1. Is it a challenge to keep up with the latest developments?

The world of the content marketer is constantly changing. From the latest Google update to the newest social platforms, we have to keep up with it all if we’re going to continue serving our audiences. If trying to keep up with the latest trends — let alone adapt to them — stresses you out, it might be time to get some outside help.