2012 Olympics In London

First, let me start with a confession: sometimes I stay up too late.

I’ve always been a “night owl,” and with working from home and having a flexible schedule, I tend to have more opportunity to feed that tendency.

Ok, confession over. I feel better.

Now onto my content marketing discovery…

Yesterday I worked late into the evening and so I rewarded myself by watching some late night TV.

Anyway, as I watched “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” and later “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” I was suddenly aware that I might be watching NBC pulling off some “ninja” content marketing moves to promote the upcoming 2012 Olympics.

Let me explain…

As I was watching Jay Leno I noticed he did a couple of jokes about the Olympics. It was nothing that straight out promoted the Olympics and he actually mocked NBC in one joke.

For that reason, I didn’t think anything about it.

It’s normal for talk show hosts to talk about things that are in the news, right?

And I wouldn’t have thought anything about it except for the fact of what I noticed later on Jimmy Fallon.

You see he made a joke about the Olympics also.
Again, I didn’t think anything about it at first.

That is until he went to one of his regular segments he calls “Twitter Hashtag Game.”

Guess what the hashtag was?

It was #NotAnOlympian

People were supposed to tweet hilarious, uncoordinated things they’ve done to prove they are no Olympian. (You can see some of them by clicking here.)

And some of the tweets were pretty hilarious.

But that got me thinking…

Were all the jokes about Olympics (even the self-deprecating ones) and the #hashtag game all a coordinated, subtle content marketing strategy to promote the Olympics?

I now think it was.

And I think it’s a very smart way to use content marketing to promote the Olympics.

I mean, think about it. Having people tweet about not being an Olympian as a way to promote to Olympics is a pretty genius move!

I now wish I noticed what was going on earlier, because I might have caught more ways that they were using content marketing to promote the Olympics.

  • What do you think?
  • Do you agree with me or think it was all just a coincidence?
  • Have you noticed any other ways that NBC has been using content marketing to promote the Olympics?

Contact me or post a comment and let me know.