content-marketingThe race to keep up with the latest updates to search algorithms continues. A whole host of techniques, that have nothing to do with quality content, have been bandied about and applied to countless websites in the hopes of finding the magic bullet for advancing SEO. The reactions to the shifting focus of search engine optimization (SEO) over time, has caused websites and blogs to lose site of the bigger picture. The general direction that Google and other search engines have taken is to focus on content. SEO is all about identifying the best content for those who are searching for a specific answer or are research a particular topic.

Guest posting has been the latest trend which has been seen as the only way forward by many individuals in digital marketing. It’s believed that guest blogging is a way for both the host blog and the guest blogger to broaden their audience and increase traffic organically. These benefits are valid, make sense, and certainly can have an advantageous effect on SEO. But the bigger focus for any blog or site should be the authorship of content and the placement of that content on the site. Content should be placed in the most logical/searchable position, so as to maximize visibility and search rank.

All of the Panda, Penguin and other search algorithm updates have done is move towards identifying and rewarding sites that produce and author content in their niche. This content, if done well and placed properly, will, by default, increase traffic, back-linking, social media sharing and, ultimately, have the overall impact of improving search rank.

Companies and individuals that recognise this high-level shift away from the tricks and indirect tactics aimed at gaming the search ranking, will ultimately benefit and move in lockstep with where Google, Bing and other search engines are going. In fact, Google and others keep changing the algorithms as a way to prevent using technological tweaks, as opposed to content, from advancing SEO.

Content is king and the appropriate placement of that content is the prince. If your site employs both quality content and the effective placement of that content, then the site’s SEO will benefit over time. Here is a quick rundown on content placement and why it’s so important to SEO.

What is Content Placement and what it can do?

• Content Placement means constantly updating your site or blog with new, relevant content
• New, relevant content provides potential search engine results
• New content is an opportunity to talk about you key products or services in different perspectives
• Placing that keyword rich content in a logical manner within the site’s structure aids the search engines
• New content bolsters a sites overall structure
• More quality content enhances credibility in the view of the search engines and establishes the site and the author as an authority

Focus your site on providing relevant content that your audience wants and the search engines will reward you. Tricks and gimmicks are continually being weeded out and combated by updates to the search algorithms with the ultimate goal of identifying quality content for individuals who are performing the searches. Keep that in mind, and you will be prepared for success and moving in concert with what Google and others want. While guest blogging provides noted benefits, it should be a secondary strategy, taking a backseat to content placement. Try and re-think what a content marketing strategy means to you and focus on building great content that people can engage with.