Apple just unveiled one of its newest creations — the iPhone 5C.  And, in typical Apple fashion, the new iPhone arrived with plenty of fanfare, after months of rumors and speculation.  Like its predecessors, the iPhone 5C had people buzzing as soon as its existence was made official.

However, the 5C isn’t your average iPhone.  The buzz it has created has been staggering.  More than three hours after Apple unveiled it, “iPhone 5C” was still trending worldwide on Twitter, and there were already 246 million Google results for the query “iPhone 5C”.

It’s a little odd, considering that the iPhone 5C doesn’t have nearly as many bells and whistles as the iPhone 5S — which Apple unveiled during the same press conference!  In fact, the iPhone 5C’s specs aren’t all that different from the iPhone 5, which came out in September 2012.

So, why is there so much fanfare over the 5C?

Simple… It’s the color!

photo courtesy of gilipollastv on Flickr

photo courtesy of gilipollastv on Flickr

The iPhone 5C is breaking the mold.  Unlike its predecessors, it’s available in a rainbow of colors — green, white, blue, pink, and yellow, to be exact.  Because Apple did something so different, people all over the world are talking about it.

And, when you think it about it, this is a great lesson for your content marketing strategy.

After all, there are tons of different smartphones out there.  There are even a handful of different iPhone models out there.  So, in order to generate a big buzz, Apple had to do something completely outside the box.

You’ve got the same responsibility when it comes to your web content!

After all, you have thousands — if not millions — of competitors around the world.  The web is full of people who do what you do and businesses that offer what you offer.  The smart business owners are hard at work, publishing quality content that proves they’re true experts.  That means going out of your way to publish interesting facts isn’t enough to set you apart anymore.

Instead, you have to do what Apple did — and add some color!

The true content marketing successes are built by adding some color to the facts.  Sure, you may be offering up the same statistics and the same newsworthy developments as your competition, but if you go out of your way to make those facts interesting and compelling — and come to be known for a certain style of writing that’s completely entertaining — people will remember what you’ve published.  And, more importantly, they’ll remember you when it comes time to spend money.

Injecting color isn’t anything new, although Apple certainly did it in a literal sense!  If you’re a sports fan, you know that most broadcast teams have someone doing play-by-play and another person who’s known as the “color commentator”.  That person’s job is to add some insight, humor, sarcasm, and overall personality to the facts that the play-by-play person is providing.  If you simply listened to someone calling balls and strikes, that baseball game wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining to watch, would it?

It’s no different from your web content!

Consider the straightforward facts — like the specifics of a new Google update if you’re in the SEO industry, or a new health report on a certain supplement if you’re in the weight loss industry — to be the “play-by-play”.  Then, turn yourself into the “color commentator”, and add your own original analysis and personality to support the facts.

On a web where everything starts to look the same after awhile, your readers will really appreciate a little color!