I keep hearing that digital marketing continues to be a significant focus of marketing and lead generation campaigns. As we have all heard before, successful digital marketing requires fresh and high quality content. Content is king – there is no doubt behind that notion. So which tools should you use for devising new ideas?

In the infographic titled “25 Outstanding Content Marketing Tools For Your Brand” by the Social Media Strategies Summit, we can view numerous tools that enhance content marketing strategies. In particular, we are provided with a report of tools that distribute, gather and visualize web content.

I invite you to consider the following list, which is summarized by the Social Media Strategies Summit’s infographic:

Tools To Help With Content Curation

  • Storify – appropriate for post-secondary educators, governments and companies specializing in media.
  • Curata – for brands and enterprises when they need to generate leads.
  • List.ly – suitable when your business or brand owns a blog.

Tools To Help Produce Content

  • Knowledge Vision – If you need to produce webinars, this tool is appropriate for videos and online presentations.
  • Visual.ly – Provides different templates for drafting infographics.
  • Prezi – Software that allows you to build presentations; provides you the chance to import from PowerPoint presentations.

Tools To Locate Writers

  • Contently – Appropriate for businesses that require writers for small and large projects; allows you to administer workflow.
  • Skyword – Suitable for finding writers, editing their work and examining keywords.
  • Zerys – Assign tasks to writers and have content automatically published.

Tools To Help Promote Content

  • Buffer – Offering 50+ apps, this is useful for companies on strict budgets.
  • Gravity – Helpful for bringing awareness to a target audience; visually analyze the interest of customers.
  • One Spot – Appropriate for B2Bs, this tool automatically changes content into advertising “spots.”

Click the image to view the full infographic, then bookmark it as a resource when you need new content marketing ideas.

Can you add more tools to this infographic’s list? I am looking forward to your response in the comment box below.