“Infographic” was one amongst the hot list of buzzwords in the Link Building Campaigns conducted by diligent search engine marketers across the globe in 2013. More and more SEOs are still coming up with the newest tactics to establish brand relevance and resonate customers on personal levels by visualising data and leveraging the power of Graphical content creation. But “Finding Link Prospects” and “Creating efficient Link Building processes” is something which is still a tough challenge faced by most of them and thus they complain of lacking a proper channel that can boost their response rates and can make them winners of the Content Marketing Game in 2014.

What is so special about Infographics ??

According to a Link Building Survey conducted by Skyrocket in mid 2013, it was revealed that Infographics rank second amongst all Link Building Tactics adopted by most search engine optimizers throughout the world.

At times, it becomes absolutely frenetic to manipulate large data sets and beefy statistics with just a couple of text paragraphs which in turn seem boring to most of the target audience and hence fail in fetching quality links subsequently. In such a scenario, endowing a marvellous visual delight that speaks of your message and convey the information quickly becomes an inevitable mandate. Below we have jotted down some points as to why Infographics are considered an important aspect in Link Building -:

  1. Offer an easy way to handle collected data , manipulate it and present it to reveal statistics quickly
  2. Facilitate in simplifying and automating the creative workflow.
  3. If build artistically aesthetic, they come as a “wow” factor that lets your audience spread it like anything.
  4. Open new avenues for Link Building, if strategized rightly.
  5. Lets you spread awareness about your Brand and expose it through eye-popping visual content.

The Quick Infographic Sharing Guide to help you Build Quality Links and Attain Traffic Tricks

Step 1) – Focus on Looks

Choose a burning topic, collect statistical data and come up with an exquisitely splendid infographic because “Looks Do Matter”. You never know what grabs fascinates the audience, spreads like an epidemic and ends up being.

Step 2) – “Post” and “Share” to Outreach your Targeted Niche

a)  Post your infographic on your own Blog & look for more and more blogs that relate to the topic of the infographic published by you. You can even leave comments on famous posts addressing the author as “Awesome information shared!! Check out this infographic _________ (your Infographic URL) _______-to visualise the information better !! “

b)  Add the widgets of largest social networking platforms on the webpage where you shared the infographic to let the visitors automatically spread the word for you. To accomplish this, include a “Pin it” from Pinterest , “Like” button from Facebook , “Tweet” of Twitter , “A LinkedIn Share” , “A +1 from Google Plus”. You can also try Reddit, Digg and Stumble Upon if your content is relevant to these websites. Amongst all of the ones shared above, Pinterest is the most appropriate platform to turn your Infographic Likes to actual Votes since this is more of a photo sharing website that can quickly turn your content viral.

c)  Join active discussions on popular knowledge-sharing site “Quora”. Browse through hundreds of questions posted related to your topic and comment by adding your “Infographic” as “Answers”. Let say you have an Infographic about a topic “Responsive Website Designing – Tools and Tricks”, just log in to your Quora account and proceed to enter “Responsive Web Designing” in the search bar. Soon you will see hundreds of questions pertaining to this topic. Just click on a question and in the comment box, add a link building pitch that looks something like “Hey!! Here is an infographic _______(your_infographic_url) that best reciprocates to all your questions !!“

d)  Join some groups relevant to the domain of your topic on Facebook and Linkedin, participate in active discussions and write on their “timeline” (Facebook Timeline) mentioning about your Infographic. Besides this, share the link with your Linkedin contacts by “Post to Groups” and “Send To Individuals” feature offered by this professional platform.

e)  You can also use “Facebook Graph Search” to look for relevant pages, famous groups and domain-specific people that are interested in the content which you are offering as a Brand. To accomplish this, just type a couple of keywords (niche, brand name, city) in the search bar right at the top left corner.

f)  Mention about your Infographic by crafting good email proposals to invite people share it, like it and even write about it.

Exclusive Tip – Include a “Click to Zoom” option on the page/blog where you post your Infographic. This will help people to read the text incorporated in the infographic easily

Step 3) – Try to generate Genuine Link Requests

Creating genuine Link requests is one tactic that can prove fruitful in the promotion of your Infographic to a great extent. This is possible only if you have a long contact list of the people who trust you, who are really in touch with you and who are in the same business as you.

In addition to this, you can build and maintain good relationships with the major search engine optimizers, bloggers, journalists, content marketers etc and ask them to publish your Infographic if they have already written or, if they are planning to write something similar to the topic covered by you.

Exclusive Tip – Always keep a category-wise directory of all the potential connections on “Google Docs” to make this task even more easier.

Step 4) – Include an “Embed Code” section on your webpage smartly !!

Believe it or not, there will be many people who come across your Infographic and feel like adding it on their own Blog/Page etc. Some of them may even turn up saying that they want to write something that explains the Infographic well. This is where the need of an “embed code” section arises since it not only makes it easy for them to share your content but is likely to increase the probability of generating good inbound links. Plus, they will earn you a good amount of referral traffic by creating backlinks from sites that share or embed your infographic on their own Website/Blog etc.

One can easily generate an embed code by using “Siege Media Embed Code generator” which can be found at “http://www.siegemedia.com/embed-code-generator”. You just need to fill out some fields that ask for your site name, post URL and image URL, Image Alt text, Desired Widths & Heights of image and embed box. Soon a code will be generated which you can copy and paste into the HTML documents of your webpage wherever you want your code section to appear.

Exclusive Tip Always keep your “Embed Code” box above the “Leave comments” section because comments are likely to increase day by day and thus they will sink your Embed Code block downwards making it almost invisible for those who find endless scrolling as a cumbersome task. Also make sure that your code block offers easy copying through an “Autoselect All’ functionality or otherwise folks will get frustrated selecting everything line by line and ending up inviting code errors. Shared below is a few lines of CSS clubbed with a Javascript function to help you accomplish this –

Example -:

<textarea style=”font-family: Verdana;” onclick=”this.select();”>


The Bottom Line is, until and unless you entertain your customers to the core by offering them something they are looking for, something they are in love with, something they perceive as a necessity instead of your cheap marketing tactic, something that they find worthy enough to share within their friends and colleagues; you won’t probably land up 100% successful in any your Link Building Efforts. With 1+ billion people active on Facebook, 500+ million on Twitter, 300+ million on Google+, 259 million on LinkedIn and 70 million on Pinterest, one can’t doubt the huge potential in the Online market , but the real Champ is the one who has the mettle to outreach them with Intelligent Content Marketing Tactics as well.