Infographics surged a few years ago with every single brand seeming to make one as a way of generating content for their sites in a new and exciting way. However, there were rumblings that infographics weren’t all they were cracked up to be – and that chorus has grown louder in the intervening years.

By now everyone knows that an infographic is a way of putting information out there in a visual form so that it easy to understand. There have been images, gifs, and interactive infographics made on every subject, as well as lots of work farmed out that calls itself an infographic when it was little more than an illustrated piece of content with the images doing nothing to tell the story.

Is good content getting lost in the rush to push out image-based infographic content? When should you have content as an infographic and when is another format better?

Be a Better Content Creator

Don’t just create an infographic for the sake of it. Make sure that you plan it in as part of your content strategy – a cog in a machine that is your content creation that serves to improve and enhance the work that is going out. Often, an infographic is created that ends up being a standalone piece disconnected from the rest of the work which then doesn’t serve to do anything – barely improving your SEO scores and doing little to draw traffic except to the infographic itself.

There are two issues you face when you create an infographic.

  • Search engines can’t read the text as it is imbedded into an image.
  • Visitors don’t come to your site because the infographic is imbedded in other sites with no link to yours.

Every piece of content that you create needs to bring something of value to your site. Having your infographic hosted in many locations might get you noticed, but it’ll be a trickle as opposed to a flood coming through from it. If the content is linked back to your site, then you may find that as the person clicking through is presented with the same image again, only with a different blurb, they will quickly click back and onto another site.

So what use are infographics?

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not telling you that the infographic is a complete waste of time. You should consider making them as part of your content strategy. What you must think about is how you can leverage all of your content effectively and take into account what the best way to get that content out there is.

Infographics need to present correct data that people need to know. They can be used as a tease for a longer piece of content, or as an advert for your products and services. You should create an infographic where the format works best for that piece of content.