As dedicated Inbound Marketers, we believe in the power of the pull – creating a presence soaccessible, unique and exciting that people can’t help but be drawn to you. A huge part of this is having something that others want – be it information, products, or services. Also, today’s buyers are more skeptical, frugal and empowered by online mediums such as the internet and social media. They are using their most accessible tool – the internet – to find out as much as they can about something before they decide to invest in it.

One proven tactic to increase the strength of your company’s pull is content creation. Creating new and valuable content accomplishes several things at once:

  • Subject Matter Expert Positioning – Providing your expertise on a subject or industry field proves to any skeptical party that you actually know what you’re talking about. Immediately a person’s thought changes from “Who is this clown?” to “Oh, he knows all about my industry. Maybe he really knows what he’s doing.
  • Increases Your Chances of Getting Found – The more needles that are in the Google haystack, the easier it is for someone to find one. Consider content pieces the needles, and your prospects are searching.
  • Gives You A Chance to Reach Out – As much as we love being found organically, content can also be used to reach out to your relevant audiences. If you write a white paper, for example, you can post it to your social media sites, put it in a press release and tout it in your email campaigns.
  • Acts as Bait for New Leads – Once a prospect has found your website; content pieces can also convert a prospect to a lead. When someone downloads a research paper from your website, they will fill out a form on a landing page which requires them to enter in their contact information. BOOM! Lead generated.

Now that you see all the amazing things that new content can do for you, where to begin? First, concentrate on making your content relevant to your target audience. According to a recent study, Personalization by Industry improves a content piece’s effectiveness by 82%. Also, taking a Value Approach can justify and differentiate the solutions or products that your company offers.

Want to learn more about Inbound Marketing? Download our most recent white paper by clicking here. I promise – it’s a great piece of content.