youtube video

The first question we typically get from clients after recommending that they create videos is, “About what?”

Videos are a fantastic way to share useful information about your company and products/services. The medium is far more engaging than the written word and allows for more thorough narratives. Here are some ways to use video to share your story:

1. Demonstrate your superiority. If your widget does 3 things the competitor’s doesn’t, put your widget in front of the camera and prove it. If your widget does all the same things but does them faster (or with less waste or requiring less fuel or within a wider temperature range, etc.), show that. People believe what they see.

2. Showcase your personality. If you’re in an industry where a personal connection and trust are particularly important, like law or healthcare, your outreach must be highly personal in order to reassure prospects. Video chats (keep them short) are a good way to give prospects a  sense of of your sincerity, professionalism, warmth and approachability. Focus not on your education or background but on how you feel about your work, your personal approach to clients/patients, what motivates you, etc.

3. Teach. If you’re selling a relatively unknown concept, product or service, like a new smart phone app, you need to educate your audience about how to use it and the value they’ll get from it. Showing your concept in action will preclude objections or a reluctance to try it. If you’re selling an app that allows people to generate instant coupons at point-of-purchase, for instance, do a video showing exactly how it’s done. Weidert Group has this type of video on our homepage our president, Greg Linnemanstons, gives a very brief primer on Inbound Marketing.

4. Introduce a new product or service. Unveiling something new deserves a little fanfare — something that’s tough to achieve with just the written word. Create a quick video (less than a minute) that teases the audience into wanting to learn more, focusing on how the product or service can make the prospects life easier (better, richer, less stressful, etc.). Some lively music and fast-moving images will generate the sense of excitement you need.

5. Generate support for your cause. There’s no better appeal than an emotional one, so if you’re a non-profit in need of support, get online and talk directly to your prospects. Better yet, feature someone who’s life has been improved because of your organization so prospects can see what contributing to the cause can do.

6. Share your position on a hot topic. If your industry is experiencing volatility or dramatic change that polarizes or confuses your audience, you can help ease fears, explain a situation, and promote your position and why that makes you the best [fill in the blank]. Credit unions today, for instance, have a powerful opportunity to get people to rethink their financial affiliation, due in part to the post-2008 financial industry unrest.

In any type of video you do, make sure the message your sending is focused squarely on what your product or service can do for the audience. The video is about you, but only insofar as what you can do for your audience.

How to spread the word. The challenge, once you’ve created a video or series of videos is to promote get people to watch them. Social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook will help you get the word out and spread your video to a wide and qualified audience.