Free trials are one of the most effective ways to convert hesitant SaaS customers, but drawing free trial users in (and facilitating the final push to conversion) can still be difficult. Content marketing can aid you in developing a rapport with your consumers and in increasing the visibility of your free trial offers.

Free-Trial Activation and Content-Driven Lead Generation

Content marketing spans the gamut from informative user-friendly blogs, white papers, ebooks (with a noticeable call-to-action beneath) to outbound email messaging. The ultimate goal is to show the customer the problem in their life that your product will solve. Content marketing, such as email marketing or lead nurturing campaigns, can be used to increase bottom-of-the-funnel conversions through free trials.

In a content-driven, free trial conversion campaign, the first human interaction the consumer will usually have with your company will be the welcome email following their sign-up for your product. This is where your relationship with the customer will begin. Not only should the welcome email include information about the product and a clear call-to-action regarding how to get started, but it should also include deeper links to support documentation, resource centers and applicable contacts to get the relationship started.

Building the Customer Relationship

A free trial is about proving your product, and that can put you in a vulnerable situation. Your customers need to both see the value of your product and keenly feel its absence once their trial period runs out. For that, you need to build not only an excellent product, but also an excellent conversation. Through content marketing, a brand is able to maintain a point of contact and establishes itself as a useful resource. You aren’t just selling your product — you’re selling your brand. For SaaS, this is especially important. Customers aren’t only concerned about SaaS features, but also customer support and responsiveness. The SaaS customer is expecting a higher level of communication and support features.

Recapturing Leads through Content Marketing

Communication also aids in recapturing free trial users who have failed to convert. By repeatedly showing the usefulness of the product, whether thorough email blasts, retargeting campaigns or regular blog posts, you can facilitate sales that would have otherwise been “lost.” Users who fail to convert may still remain on mailing lists and blogs, and may be converted with  promotional offers.

SaaS free trials and content marketing all work together to introduce your potential customers to your product in a way that you can control. By slowly introducing your customers to your brand and your product offerings, you can build a strong relationship that will last far beyond initial conversion.