Truth in Marketing

I recently saw the movie Concussion starring Will Smith and was inspired by the themes of honesty and integrity throughout the film. This may sound like a stretch, but it made me think of how important these themes are to the way we do business as marketers. Although we aren’t responsible for the lives of NFL greats, we are responsible for helping our customers manage their most important, as well as sensitive resource – their data. It is our goal to deliver quality products through honest, straightforward brand messaging and exceptional customer support.

According to a survey of 500 executives from the Knowledge Group and Gyro, 72% of respondents said a lack of trust was the main reason for the termination of past business relationships. As marketers, we need to properly digest that fact and learn from it. We must build our brands with honesty from the very first moment of contact with every prospect.

Content, social posts, and nurture programs are all opportunities to build a positive, lasting relationship with your audience. To guarantee you are promoting transparency in your messaging, apply these tips when communicating with your prospects:

Cut to the Chase
We all know that marketers don’t have time, so it’s important to give them what they need up front. Is your message filled with jargonese or does it really say what it should? It’s important that readers walk away with something of value each time they hear from you.

Get the Executives Involved
Consider adding an email or two to your nurture campaigns that come directly from the leadership. Hearing the values, the mission, and the direction of the business can mean more coming from the top. Plus, people enjoy getting to know the faces behind the machine.

Edit Everything
Marketers are intelligent and extremely observant. Take a moment to read through your message to ensure it is of the highest quality. Precision, wit, and a red pen can help you establish a solid relationship with your prospects.

Don’t Hide the Opt-Out
A clear opt-out will put your audience at ease and will help you avoid sending messages to buyers who aren’t interested. This will save your company time and money by avoiding the wrong audience.

Be Honest
Have you ever sent out an email with an error? Ever had a glitch in your system? Be transparent with your buyers and use the opportunity to showcase the strength of your customer support team, as well as the importance you place on integrity. Marketers want to know about any foreseeable challenges and want to hear from you when you’ve made a mistake.

Review your messaging strategy to create and sustain relationships with your audience that are built on principles and company values. As Will Smith’s Dr. Omalu said, “tell the truth” and your prospects will respect – and eventually trust – you with their business.