Most bloggers often spend more time on their blog content than the time they spend on their blog title. But do you know that most visitors read your blog content based on how powerful your blog title is?

The secret of good copy is to get your sentences read one after the other unless your users reach down to your call-to-action. And the headline is just the first sentence of this process. It’s like the first point of connection between your business and a potential customer.

So not making it good enough can be a solid reason for you to lose your traffic.

On average, 8 out of 10 people read your headline copy, and only 2 out of 10 read the rest of your content. This means that if you can create an intriguing headline, you can effectively turn these 8 users, too, into potential customers.

But how exactly do you create a great headline that attracts a lot of traffic?

Let’s find out.

1. Include a Benefit in the Title

If you want people to click on your headline, you have to give them a reason for that. A good way of doing that is by creating content that offers them a way to ease their pain, conquer their fear, or align with their vision for a better life. Then use your headline to reflect what your post is about.

People are constantly looking for such helpful content. Especially with their busy schedule, they often seek out tips, tricks, and methods to make their life easier, and most importantly, happier for them. And that’s exactly why how-to posts, listicles, and tutorials are so popular.

Such headlines mention that the content in the post offers the solution to a certain problem that the reader is facing.

For example, you can create titles like – “How to Look Gorgeous Effortlessly.”

This is a very powerful title that instantly draws people’s attention. This happens because of 2 reasons. First, you know that it has a solution. And second, it aligns with the problem that you’re struggling with.

2. Be Controversial

People love controversies. And blog titles that can reflect controversy and taboo can be very quick at gaining attention.

Such headlines create curiosity in people and encourage them to click on them and read further. A good way of using controversy in your headline is to take a stance that’s outside of the mainstream public opinion. This will quickly help you grab people’s attention and get more clicks.

But when creating controversial headlines, make sure that it’s not out of context and that your audience is passionate about it. Otherwise, you will only end up confusing them.

Also, such headlines attract a lot of negative comments, reactions, and strong feedback from your audience. Don’t be too defensive about it, and be ready to handle it sportingly.

3. Use Power Words

Another brilliant way of capturing people’s attention is to use power words like Unique, Surprise, Secret, etc., in your headlines. You can also use other power words like –

  • Free
  • Save Money
  • Profit
  • On Budget
  • Easy
  • Join
  • Confidential

Such words can easily trigger psychological and emotional responses in your users and convince them to click on your headline.

And because power words are so effective, they have become a go-to for most marketers and copywriters. And why not? These words can instantly boost their conversion rates and strengthen their business, after all.

You, too, can use them to make your headline stand out.

4. Analyzing Your Headline

You’ll find various suggestions on how to make your headline powerful. But you should always analyze them before making them go live. You can easily do that by using tools like the IsItWP Headline Analyzer.

It’s a free tool that helps you write headlines that drive traffic, shares, and get ranked in search results. All you have to do is add your headline in the given field and click on the Analyze button.

It will instantly rate your title and let you know how powerful it is by rating it on a scale of 100.

It’ll also analyze the balance of words in your headline, check if you have any power words or emotional words in it. It even identifies your headline type (lists, how-to, etc.) and offers a Google search preview of your post.

To help you create a catchy title, it gives you a few very helpful tips that you should definitely try out.

Every blog post has a headline. But not all of them can attract people’s attention. But if you want to be a successful marketer, you have to create headlines that can compel people to click upon. The above points can help you do exactly that, without hiring a professional. So try them out to boost your conversions and take your business to the next level.