In the past few years we have seen the crucial importance of online presence for a business’s growth. Strong online prevalence directly translates to success and growth which is a fact well understood by all the businesses as well as all the brands. And playing a significant role in enhancing a business’s online presence is its content. As a result, several content dedicated companies have emerged which provide optimized content for increasing a brand’s online reach. Till now the backbone of the online content was formed by social media content and SEO but this trend is being substituted by new type of content which is Image based content.

Many experts as well as the top online analysts have affirmed that the Image oriented content is the way forward in 2014. But what exactly is Image oriented content? In today’s fast paced internet world, where waiting is a crime, people want everything in the most speedy and convenient manner possible. Changing the trend of online text based content where you have to read more without much readability is the more visually oriented content. It is not only more appealing but more interactive and engaging compared to simple text based content. A glance of image conveys more information than a paragraph of text. Images and graphics are also easier to be shared which further adds in generating more traffic. Surveys have shown that in cases where image content was strategically used, there was a huge increase in the content visibility and traffic.

Additionally, images also contain metadata and other text which adds to the overall SEO capability of the web page. All in all, Image oriented content has emerged as the new way of sharing content and propagating all kinds of businesses. How dominant and influential will the force of visual content be in the coming time remains to be seen. All in all, the well known phrase ‘A picture can paint a thousand words’ is being put to actual use by several digital media firms who know that visual appeal is far more thought provoking and sticks in the reader’s minds more than reading lines after lines of mundane information. More images means more online traffic and this is going to change the face of social media in several ways in the year ahead!