I’ve got to be honest… I don’t like most of the content writers out there.  It has nothing to do with competition.  It’s not because I’m grumpy.  There are actually a number of great writers out there that I really respect, and I enjoy reading their stuff.  That’s because they have the talent to make the world wide web a better place.

Unfortunately, though, most content writers don’t fall into that category.

If you’re OK with the majority of content writers out there, you shouldn’t be.  Here’s why:

1.  There aren’t enough content writers out there that have natural talent

I don’t know what it is about writing, but everyone seems to think they can do it.  But writing is just like anything else — it takes natural ability.  Just because you speak English and like to read doesn’t make you a natural-born writer.

When I was little, I wanted to be a quarterback.  I begged my dad to take me outside and teach me to throw a good spiral.  Never mind the fact that I was a girl, that I weighed 50 pounds soaking wet, and that I didn’t have enough arm strength to throw the ball any further than about 5 yards.  I still dreamed of the day when I could don a set of pads, call plays at the line of scrimmage, and win the big game.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have the natural talent to back it up.  Sure, I love football, and I know what qualities a good quarterback needs to have.  But in the end, no matter how hard I try, I’m never going to be a quarterback.

A content writer who doesn’t have the natural ability to string words together in a compelling and engaging way is no different.  They may really want to start their own content writing service, but they just don’t have what it takes to do it.

2.  Too many content writers focus on “churning” instead of “crafting”

Every time I see a content writer promise to fulfill every order in 24 hours or less, it makes my stomach hurt.  Yes, a good writer should be able to get your work done quickly.  After all, time is money!  However, when a writer works too quickly, his focus shifts from creating something that’s really going to make an impact to just getting anything on paper, so that he can send it off.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t help you any!

As a business owner, it’s up to you to publish content that’s going to set you apart.  But when you have a writer that churns instead of crafts, you’ll be lucky to be considered average.  And, if the churning is bad enough, you’ll actually wind up doing more damage to your reputation and your search engine rankings than if you had never published anything in the first place!

3.  Most content writers make ridiculous guarantees

Whenever I see a content writing service bragging about providing material that “passes Copyscape”, it makes me laugh.  Does that even need to be said?  When you hire a professional writer, aren’t you assuming that they’re not going to plagiarize?

Imagine if other businesses took that approach.  What if you walked into a restaurant, and, in big bold letters on the front of the menu it said, “None of our food is past the expiration date!”  Wouldn’t you be a little confused?  I mean, is it really noteworthy that the restaurant isn’t serving spoiled milk or rotten meat?

The truth is, those content writing services are bragging about passing Copyscape because they don’t have anything else to brag about.  They don’t have any real credentials or experience, but they have to come up with something they’re good at — so they tell you they’re good at not plagiarizing.

4.  Very few content writers actually want to build relationships

Let’s face it — if you’re going to succeed on the web, you need a content writing service that you can rely on.  Of course, you need to know that you’re going to get quality work every time you place an order.  But you also need other assurances — like knowing that your questions are going to be answered in a timely fashion.  It’s also important to have a content writing service that understands SEO and marketing, so that they can help you make the most out of each piece of content.  It’s also vital that your content writing service is a thriving business in its own right.  That way, they’ll exhibit the same professionalism that you do.

Unfortunately, lots of content writers aren’t interested in helping you grow your business.  They simply want you to place an order and leave them alone until you need to place another order.  They aren’t willing or able to answer your questions.  They don’t want to think outside the box or help you brainstorm ideas.  They’re not looking out for your best interest.  They might not even remember you the next time you email them!

5.  Most content writers make business owners feel like they have to settle

If all you’ve ever experienced is the problems I’ve talked about, you probably think you can’t do any better.  Unfortunately, lots of business owners think all content writing services are bad — and, therefore, they’re destined to a life of editing, polishing, and babysitting if they ever want to get new content.

Your web content is way too important to settle on.  You’ll never see the traffic you want, the rankings you want, or the profits you want if your content writing is lacking.  It’s as simple as that.