If you’re hosting a live event then you are most likely going to spend considerable time, money and resources. The shelf life of your event is a day or two, and then your prospective clients and customers get back into their busy days and forget about you.  Using video production services to capture the rich educational content of that event can provide multiple benefits to your organization – from branding, adding value to your relationship, social media content, driving marketing results and amortizing event costs.

Many professional organizations host events for business development purposes.  The purposes of these events are not to generate immediate sales, but held to showcase the expertise and skills inherent in these companies in order to build relationships.  Many of these events are moderated with a question and answer session.  These Q & A format events range from 30 to 45 minutes and can have multiple relevant industry topics being discussed with highly valued information exchanged.  Then the event is over.

This is where a sound online video marketing plan will help you extend the marketing value, and ROI, of your event’s investment.   Your video marketing plan will allow you to identify, not just one, but a series of videos that replicate the Q&A session of your event.  The end result will be 8-15+ pieces of online video marketing content, one on each topic, that that can be highly valued content for your social strategy, brand awareness and everyday sales and marketing teams.

Your marketing team can use these high valued pieces of online video content over and over again – on your website, on LinkedIn, on you social media channels like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, on your blog, in email newsletters and other marketing outlets.  Thus extending the life of your event to more channels and giving your event more opportunities to provide value, build relationships and generate leads.

Here is an example of this type of event content marketing taken from a radio interview we did in Nov 2011. The interview was 40 minutes long and produced 14 educational online video marketing segments –

If your organization has multiple locations, there are even further opportunities for return on investment.  Since many events are localized, a well planned and executed online video marketing strategy will allow that video marketing content to be easily shared and used for sales and marketing purposes by your entire company regardless of their physical location.

Start seeing the marketing benefits of online video by incorporating a sound online video marketing strategy into your next corporate event.