An infographic (information graphic) is a visual representation of information, data or knowledge.  It is used to clearly explain complex information to a desired audience.  It is actually very helpful in making information easier, and perhaps more enjoyable, to read.

This idea actually makes very logical sense.  Would you be eager to read a long drawn out article that innodated you with information and statistics?  Visual learners (as a lot of us are) do not have the time or patience.  Many would rather be shown the main takeways and most important points as opposed to reading paragraphs of texts.

One way to achieve reader interest is to put these main points and statistics into an infographic. is a website that houses and promotes user-submitted infographics across a wide range of topics.

Creative and informative infographics are great links to share and promote, giving you enhanced SEO value; ranking you higher in search engine results.

Infographics are highly versatile in the sense that you can create it about any topic for any type of industry.  This versatility allows them to be useful in building links from valuable and authoritative sources.  Having control over the content and graphics allows you to a create an aesthetically pleasing infographic that is tailored to your target audience’s interests; positioning you as a subject matter expert and creative thinker.

How to Create Your Infographic:


 Here is an example of an infographic we did entitled, “Inbound Marketing and the Relationship Between the World’s Consumers & the Internet“:


Infographics make reading important and relevant information interesting and appealing.  Be engaging.  Use infographics to emphasize topics that are important to your potential customers and clients, while positioning yourself as a subject matter expert!