FacebookSometimes when I describe the basics of business blogging, someone will say to me, “I already do that on Facebook – why do I need to blog?”

Matt McGee wrote an excellent post that explains why you shouldn’t use social media as a replacement for your own website or blog. The ultimate reason is that your site is your property – your name is on the door, you decide how things are displayed and you own 100% of your content. You simply cannot say that about any social media site.

The good news is that if your business’s Facebook page is active, blogging will be a lot easier for you. Here are five ways to turn your Facebook activity into blog posts.

1. Turn FAQs into “How to…” articles. Do you get questions on your Facebook page about how to use your products or services? Or how people can solve particular problems in their business or life? Respond on Facebook, then expand your answer into a blog post. Hint: Look beyond your own Facebook page to see what people are asking on other pages from your industry, or that are related to your industry.

2. Turn positive praise into case studies. Whether it’s a formal recommendation or a comment on your wall, when people share good feedback you can contact them privately and ask for an interview. Find out more about their experience and the problem your business helped solve. Case studies make great blog posts and can also be highlighted in a separate section of your site.

3. Turn to your network. Ask the people who visit your page what topics they’d like to read about on your blog. You could share a few ideas and do a poll, or just see what they come up with. Also be sure to notice if you get a lot of “likes” (and also if they appear quickly) when you post links to your blog – those are popular topics you should keep writing about!

4. Turn impromptu fun into a backstage tour. One of the things a blog can provide is a more casual glimpse behind the scenes of your business (though a business blog needs to be more than just a diary). If you or your staff have posted Facebook photos or stories from your day-to-day travels, round them up and post them to the blog. Hint: Use a specific category such as “Facebook Fun,” “Around the Office” or “What We’re Up To” so it’s clear these are separate from your informational articles.

5. Turn your shares into entertainment. Look over the photos, videos, quotes and links that you found yourself passing along on Facebook or other social media sites in the last week/month. Choose a few favourites and post the links to your blog, along with a brief introduction about why you like them. Similar to the last point, put these in a separate category such as “Fun Links,” “Things We Like” or “From Our Network.”

If you’re already in the habit of posting regularly to Facebook, build on that momentum to keep your blog fresh as well.