The way consumers interact with the healthcare industry is changing: most noticeable is the recent shift to consumers seeking advice on how to identify, control and treat their health from online, non-medical personnel and facilities rather than healthcare professionals and pharmacists. With this relatively recent trend growing stronger by the day, the importance of communication through healthcare marketing cannot be denied.

When it comes to effective consumer communication, healthcare marketing pros have a slew of digital tools at their disposal. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t taking advantage of these powerful — and often free — resources. YouTube, for example, can be an incredibly powerful healthcare marketing tool when tackled correctly. If you’re hesitant about getting started with a YouTube marketing strategy, check out the four quick tips below.

1. Play to viewers’ emotions and concerns

According to Deloitte, 76% of consumers don’t have a good understanding of the healthcare system and how it works. Of the insured, 46% say they don’t understand their health coverage. These consumer concerns open the door to a huge opportunity for those in healthcare marketing. YouTube provides a powerful outlet for healthcare marketing pros to address these concerns. A great example is Humana’s video, “How To Choose The Right Healthcare Plan.” It addresses common concerns posed by consumers, positioning Humana as a helpful source of information when making critical healthcare decisions.

2. Keep the message informative

How many times have you jumped online before (or even after) going to see a doctor or consulting a professional in an attempt to self-diagnose or get more healthcare-related information on your own? You aren’t alone. Of the 74% of adults online, 80% have used the Internet as a primary source for information on healthcare topics. Communicate with and engage these consumers through YouTube videos, providing open and honest answers to some of their biggest questions. For example, many people don’t understand the high costs associated with healthcare and are looking for ways to justify that cost. Humana did a good job of providing useful information on the topic with its video, “Why Is Healthcare So Expensive?”

3. Take advantage of existing connections

If you’re a healthcare marketing pro interested in YouTube marketing, this probably isn’t your first social media rodeo. In fact, you probably already have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Take advantage of the networks your organization has established within these existing accounts by promoting your YouTube videos there. In addition, you could include links to your video within press releases and on your organization’s website to drive additional traffic.

4. Keep it fresh

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: keep your YouTube content fresh. After all, YouTube has become the #2 most used search engine. By keeping your content fresh, your Channel appears to be active and useful every time changes are made to old video titles, descriptions, tags and closed captions. When your old videos aren’t being viewed or updated, they stop appearing in YouTube search results (and Google search results, for that matter).