Today, B2B marketers are rapidly shuffling their budgets to support account based marketing (ABM) efforts. In fact, 28 percent of marketing budgets are now allocated to support ABM. But when thinking about ABM, marketers often jump right into a plan for identifying and contacting target accounts. And as a result, they fail to think critically about what they need in order to connect with that account once they’ve been selected.

As marketers ourselves, sometimes we forget that ABM isn’t all that different from traditional marketing—the process just looks a little different. It’s still important to create quality content that empowers buyers, tells your brand’s story, and connects all other aspects of your marketing efforts, like reporting and campaign planning.


That’s why we’re taking a look at three types of interactive content you can leverage as a part of your ABM strategy. Read on to see how you can leverage the right content that provides personalized value for users, while also uncovering useful information about your target accounts.


Personalization is key to ABM, so why not leverage opportunities directly within your content? Assessments allow your prospects to better understand how their company could benefit from your solution. It also serves as an opportunity to measure early interest from an account.

Take a look at this example from Influitive:

See the live example

In this example, Influitive is working to uncover an organizational problem and gain qualitative insight into a broader culture at a target account. The questions help prospects assess what they are doing to create an urgency for change, which allows the sales team to follow up with appropriate information.


Calculators are a great way to have numbers back up the rosy picture your sales and ABM team are hard at work painting. When used correctly, calculators can be an invaluable tool in your ABM plan, helping to establish a need, like the example below from Blackbaud, and can be personalized to show how your solution solves a problem.

See the example

Calculators can also be a strong proof-point and dynamic sales enablement tool when used in real-time with target contacts. They help to break up one-way sales pitches with objective information to back up claims made by the marketing team.

Interactive PDFs

The information you can learn about contacts at your target accounts is worth its weight in gold when thinking about the broader success of your ABM strategy, and remember—the information that will ultimately help you convert customers are the real connections you make with contacts who become evangelists for your solution within their company. Interactive PDFs are an easy way to start learning about contacts, and understanding the best way to reach them.

Questions layered over your existing static PDFs can help you can learn more about who is actually reading your content (rather than just their email address), without spending time developing new, complex content.

Here you can see an example of the kind of questions that can be asked throughout an interactive PDF. While your targets consume content, ask them anything from their budget size, to how they take their coffee, to move the needle on that connection.

Let’s get interactive

Account based marketing and interactive content can be a powerful combination to supercharge your outreach and nurturing efforts. And you can even seamlessly repurpose your existing static content with SnapApp for PDF to start leveraging interactive content in your ABM mix now.