What are you doing to attract customers? How are you building credibility and trust in your brand and business? The content you create, whether through your blogs, social media, newsletters, and more, is how you attract customers. It is the key to maximizing your inbound strategy and turning strangers into customers. But to do this, you must produce amazing content. Let’s discuss several ways to turn boring and bland content into copy that produces results.

Establish Your Goal of the Content

Why are you writing the content in the first place? What do you hope results from the blog post, social media post, email newsletter, or whatever else it may be? If you want to produce incredible content that is going to attract and convert, you need to determine your “why” before you even begin the creation process. Then, turn that “why” into your call-to-action. This doesn’t have to be a call for more sales. It could be something as simple as following you on Facebook, sharing your blog post, or entering a giveaway. However, as you write your call-to-action, make sure it is clear. Let them know that you want them to click and subscribe to your newsletter or download your free eBook. Don’t leave your readers guessing what they should do or what you want them to do. The more straightforward that you are, the more results you will receive.

Focus on Value

Inbound marketing is essentially grabbing the attention of potential customers at the beginning of the decision-making process. To do this, you need to provide value to them. You need to answer all of their questions and their greatest concerns and appear as an authority on the subject matter. Our society wants instant gratification. According to one survey, only 26% of American adults say they would wait more than 30 minutes for takeout food and 41% of the respondents claim they are less patient than they were five years ago. This means your content must be focused and cannot be full of fluff. It needs to be informative, valuable, and interesting. This means doing things like touching on trending topics, reporting on current events in your industry, answering questions that they’re searching for, giving them something to laugh about, or even being a little controversial – anything that will make them actually want to read your content and share it with others.

SplitShire / Pixabay

Be Diverse

When trying to maximize your inbound strategy, you can’t simply focus on one type of content like blogging. You need various content types to work together. Think video, infographics, newsletters, podcasts, and social media. For example, you need website content and blogging to help boost your SEO — which helps you become found on the search engines. However, you also need strong social channels to build a following and promote your blogging and other copywriting efforts. Providing relevant and high-quality content in all of your channels is where you will see the most results, not just when focusing on one or the other.

Publish Consistently

When was the last time you published on your company blog? Did you know that websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages? This not only boosts your search engine results but it provides more information for your readers to access and makes you appear as the expert and the go-to source on the topic. Don’t focus on quantity when it comes to your blogging. Instead, focus on producing high-quality, relevant content for every single blog post. This is the type of content that is going to make a difference — not the content that was rushed so you could produce multiple posts in a single day. And, if you struggle to produce consistent content, outsource the work. Find a way to make it possible.

Creating amazing content is what will help you stand out from the competition, especially when you do it strategically. It will help you generate leads, attract potential customers, and convert. Nobody is going to spend time reading — or even searching — for content that is useless and dull. Create amazing content and watch your inbound strategy succeed.