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After you identify your target market (more on that here), it’s time to provide a solution to their problem(s).

How do you know what their problems are? Quite simply, observe what is spoken about (or complained about) online. Watch what happens in the relevant groups you belong to on Facebook, the member forums, and other social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Read other product or book reviews on Amazon to see what people say is missing from those products. Or you can simply ask them by offering a simple survey through Survey Monkey or asking your list to respond to your email or a social media post.

Another way is to set up a Google Alert for your keywords. This will bring all the latest news on your topic directly to your inbox. You will quickly discover not only what others are offering but what people are asking.

Over time you will notice these things immediately because you’ll be consistent in your pursuit to stay attuned to your niche.

They will become all-important to you, not because they represent dollar signs but because this is a group of people you have a real passion to help. It will become second nature to understand and witness their complaints and create content that will help ease their burdens.

For example, if your niche market is facing a tremendous struggle with managing and launching their business online using social media marketing, what solution can you provide to your client?

No matter what your ideal client is currently facing, focus on their struggle and pain point. Make sure you are providing a solution that will help them and charge for that solution. There’s a time and a place for free advice but in this instance – when you are helping them solve a problem – you want to offer an exchange of money and energy for the value that you will provide for them.

Going back to our social media example, you need to charge accordingly for the value of your solution because once they tackle their online social media, their business will grow because of you. There is VALUE in the solution you are providing for them. This is how you make your content profitable. You find a need inside your niche market and you give them the solution.

The first step to doing that is to create free, digestible content with action steps so that when they walk away they know that you are the expert that can help them. This free content may be a Facebook Live, a blog post or ebook. You should just be sure it meets your target markets needs and learning style! This will lead them to want to hire you and pay you for your services and value.

Consider your freebie an introduction to everything you can do for them. Yes, give them actionable steps but don’t give away all your top secrets. Those valuable secrets are reserved for those in your niche who are ready to invest in their futures by paying you for your expertise.