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Video is powerful because it shows there are people behind your business, which is important for building a strong brand that people can relate to. But how can you integrate it into your content marketing strategy effectively?

Know Your Audience

Before you can put together a video that will be relevant to your audience, you need to know precisely who that audience is. It’s important not to try to appeal to everyone – instead, figure out your archetypal customer. Two tools to help you do this are Sally Hogsheads 7 triggers of fascination and a simple guide to creating a customer persona. This’ll smooth out the rest of the process, because it’s much easier to figure out what to say to one person than to 1000.

Know Your Reasons Why

Why are you making the video? What do you plan to achieve with it? Perhaps your aim is to boost brand recognition, or are you looking to drive more visitors to your website? To convert more viewers into paying customers?

The core aim should be helping your audience, of course – after all, content marketing is about providing value. Providing value forms a deeper connection with your audience that simply isn’t possible with a regular sales pitch. If you help your viewers, they will naturally feel inclined to help you too – be it by spreading word of your brand or buying what you’re selling. So consider what your viewers need and how you can help them find a solution, and slot your business’s agenda around that.

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Script Your Video Accordingly

When writing your script, focus on the benefits your audience will reap, rather than the features of what you’re selling (be it an actual product or simply your brand) – always keep the “what’s in it for me” idea at the front of your mind. This will allow you to create a video that resonates with viewers, rather than one that is technical and dry. If you’re struggling, try to empathize with your viewers’ needs by putting yourself in their shoes and digging deep. And don’t forget to use conversational language that’s relevant to your audience.

Find the Right Presenter

Make sure the person you put in front of the camera is somebody your audience will be able to relate to. There’s no use putting a fuddy-duddy old man on screen if you’re trying to appeal to 18-24 year old women (the exception to this being a credible expert on the subject). Whoever you put on camera should be an authentic representation of your brand; someone your customers can relate to or aspire towards.

Above All: Be Genuine

In today’s world of hype and clichés, sincerity is a rare trait – and one that will put you bounds ahead of your competitors in your customers’ eyes. Video is perfect for creating an emotional bond with your viewers and connecting with them in a meaningful way – which can have bounteous repercussions for your business. So don’t waste this opportunity, and think carefully before you cobble together another clichéd video and call it ‘content marketing.