great content generates qualified sales leadsBelieve it or not, most companies are sitting on a gold mine of valuable content that can be used create compelling offers to generate qualified sales leads. The key is determining what content will be of value to your prospects, how you’ll package it, and then how you’ll promote it. Here’s some tips and the steps to help you get started.

Step 1: Repurpose Your Current Content

Blog Articles – If you have a blog and update it frequently with fresh content, this can be one of the best places to start with crafting an offer. Consider offering a PDF download of your top 5 posts, or top posts around a specific subject. You’re simply taking this existing content but bundling it together in a nice package for your prospects to digest.

Content Expansion – Working from the content you already have on your website, such as your products or services page, consider expanding on this content in more detail and offering it as a downloadable PDF. Or consider expanding on one of your most popular blog posts with more in-depth analysis and background research.

Kits – A white paper as a standalone offer may not be compelling enough, but packaging a white paper, expanded blog article & presentation deck around a single topic is bound to get some attention.

E-Books – Compared to a white paper, e-books allow you to combine various pieces of information and they offer a more interactive experience for your prospects with the inclusion of links to other related information.

Comparisons – Consider creating a document that compares one of your core products or services versus the competition. This gives you an opportunity to differentiate two distinct products or services that may appear identical in the mind of a prospect.

Step 2: Develop Landing Pages with Conversion Forms

Once you’ve created a compelling offer, develop a unique landing page for the offer where prospects can complete a conversion form with their contact information in-order to receive the download. This allows you to keep tabs on who is taking advantage of your offers and it’s the first step with turning your site traffic into qualified sales leads.

Step 3: Promote, Promote, Promote

In addition to creating a hook on your website or blog to promote and drive traffic to your offer landing page, utilize social media and email to spread the word and increase inbound traffic flow. If you’re looking to only extend your offer to a select group of prospects consider creating a targeted email campaign around your offer.

As you begin creating offers around your content, keep in mind that some will perform better than others. The key is identifying the type of offer that resonates the best with your prospects so you can keep the momentum going.