Finding inspiration for your content creation can be a little tricky and writing may sometimes feel like an obligation. Content is important because it fuels our SEO initiatives, social media feeds, and advocacy marketing efforts. If you are hitting the wall with your content schedule, do not worry too much. Even if you feel uninspired, there are easy ways to get inspired again. Carol Stephen and Social Toaster have shown me how:

1. Inspiration for content creation: write a bunch of headlines

You could spend a few hours creating headlines so that you have enough topics for the rest of the year (or the next few months, depending on how often you publish blogs). That way, you do not have to rack your brains trying to figure out what to write. If you want to know how to write really great headlines, you should read ‘How to Write Killer Blog Headlines – The Ultimate Guide.’

2. Inspiration for content creation: think like your customer

Find four topics that your potential customer might like to hear about. Write those down on an index card. Now write about those things.

3. Inspiration for content creation: take a walk

Walking wakes up the little gray cells and since sitting is supposed to be as bad as smoking these days, it really does not hurt anyway. Researchers at Stanford University say that walking can boost your creativity.

4. Inspiration for content creation: journaling

Journaling is not something that you should only try for personal reasons; it can be highly effective for business reasons as well. Free writing, doodling, and drawing are three ways that you can gain access to your creative side.

5. Inspiration for content creation: review customer feedback & FAQs

Your customers are a never-ending source of potential blog and social media post topics. Listen to them. For every piece of feedback or question you receive, there are probably ten times as many people out there with the same feedback or question. Use your content calendar to address these questions or feedback points publicly.

6. Inspiration for content creation: scan the blogosphere

If your brand only produces content that focuses on your product or your immediate market space, you are missing out on gold. If you find yourself hitting a wall on generating new content ideas, write pieces that offer insights on new industry trends and market developments. Take a step back and look at your industry. What are the big shake-ups and broader market trends? What are the news sources, bloggers or podcasters in your industry discussing? You want to provide value so use your blog to inform your audience.

7. Inspiration for content creation: “stalk” your social media fans

Inspiration can come from the experts in the field but it can also come from your own social media fans. Take a quick look at their Twitter feeds or Instagram accounts. What type of content are they sharing and creating? What are the subject matter themes? These themes can help inspire your next batch of content topics.

8. Inspiration for content creation: look at work from the competition

Look at what your competitors are creating. What topics are they writing about? Does their content consist of one-off pieces or do they have a regular series? What media do they use? Who is sharing their content? The goal is not to copy your competitor’s work. You want to take inspiration from their content, make the content your own, and improve it.

9. Inspiration for content creation: become a member of social media groups

Private social media feeds are not the only place your brand fans are having conversations. Many social media users also use groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to interact with other like-minded individuals. Investigate the topics of conversations and look for opportunities to provide value to the group through a content piece. Is there a common question? Can you provide clarity around a tactic or best practice? Address it in your next blog.

10. Inspiration for content creation: discuss a previously published topic more in-depth

We often casually mention a tactic or best practice in a bullet point or paragraph. Use these casual mentions as a starting point and go deeper into the topic or strategy and flesh out the tactic addressed or the point made in its own dedicated content post.

11. Inspiration for content creation: ask your fans what they want

This one is actually quite easy. It never hurts to ask. Go on your social media platforms and ask about the interests of your fans. If you have more personal contact with them: email, text or call them. You are likely to find inspiration there!

Repurposing content

If you want to read books about content creation rather than blog posts, you can find some relevant content creation books on Amazon. Alternatively, if you want to repurpose content that you already have for an audience that prefers reading in another language, you should contact me. I am a translator, so I can help you (well, me or my contacts in the translation industry). You can reach me here: [email protected]. Also, you may not have to write a new blog: How to Boost Blog Traffic Without Writing a New Post