There are people that will tell you that good content is good content, no matter what you’re using it for. Successful content marketers know that is not the case. Content is only as good as the medium which is used to distribute it.

A Facebook post is not a tweet, is not a blog post, is not an article, etc. To successfully build great content, you must first know where you intend to share said content.

If you’re writing for your website, you might use a longer form, writing an article in detail. A blog post might be a little shorter and more to the point. It might use bullets and lists to help people take in the information more quickly.

The content gets even shorter and more creative if you’re posting directly to Facebook or Twitter. Images work best for Pinterest and Instagram, so you will have to say what you want to say with an image and short caption. And if it’s video views you’re after, then you can look to Youtube or Facebook.

It’s also important to know that the same piece of content can be broken up in a variety of different ways and used across a number of different channels. For example, you might write a long-form article for your website. Then you might add a short video to it and post it to Facebook or Youtube. And you might find one key quote to use from it on Twitter. And you might have an image or infographic that outlines the key points and post it to Pinterest.

The key is not to try to force the content you’ve already created onto the distribution channel, but to customize each bit of content so that it’s made for wherever you plan to post it.