When companies new to the Internet start to look into using video marketing techniques, most customized youtube embedquickly discover the bebefits that follow when they embed the latest youtube video in their site. It’s common for them to worry that it’s a difficult or cumbersome process. After all, ten years ago, it really was.

The good news for anyone looking into customized YouTube embedding options is that the process is extremely simple today. There are plenty of software packages online that allow you to quickly and easily customize and embed YouTube videos with numerous additions that can help your online business succeed.

There are plenty of ways to customize your YouTube embedded videos to fit your own marketing strategies. Embedding them is the easy part. Finding how to make your videos work best is where it gets tricky.

How To Get The Most From Your Customized YouTube Embedded Videos

I.  Be Judicious With Your Branding

There’s an open question in the internet video marketing world over just how prominent a logo and branding should be in custom YouTube videos. If you’re too overt about, you can risk driving away people who feel like you’re hammering them over the head. If you’re too subtle, well, we’ve all heard the horror stories about ads so funny no one ever remembered the brand afterwards.

In general, the best option is to find ways to introduce the brand organically within the video, like if it’s a story in which your brand plays a part. Yes, this basically means you’re doing product placement in your own videos. I know it sounds a little silly, but that’s the best compromise at this point. Internet users really don’t care for pushy branding.

II. Begin And End With a Bang

You can’t exactly build up to a big crescendo when you’re dealing with custom embedded YouTube videos. You only have a matter of seconds to grab the attention of your viewers, so you need to start with something big, flashy, or loud. It needs to immediately be interesting or relevant to them.

If possible, your overall message should be expressed early on as well. A lot of people, unfortunately, aren’t going to sit through your video, so you want to make sure they still get the takeaway.

III. Vary Up Your Content

Just having someone talk into the camera for a couple minutes is functional, but pretty bare-bones. For a better presentation that holds people’s attention (do you sense a running theme here?) try introducing various “multimedia” elements. Use charts and graphs when appropriate to back up ideas. Utilize YouTube’s embedded popup comment system to add commentary or jokes. You might even experiment with bits of animation or other flashier techniques.

It’s a basic strategy in the world of teaching: if you want to convey an idea, convey it in several different ways. Apply this principle to your YouTube videos when customizing them, and you’ll have a better chance of keeping people around and ensuring they get your point.

IV. Keep Visitors Clicking

Another good option for keeping interest in your customized YouTube embedded videos is to introduce interactive apps that keep them engaged. Companies have had great success embedding sales links directly into their videos, for example, or adding buttons to facilitate social media sharing or to sign up for a mailing list.

Internet users get twitchy clicking fingers. If they’re clicking on your video, they aren’t clicking on someone else’s site instead.

The Key Point: Keep Your Users Interested

To customize your YouTube embedded videos for best effect, focus on the user and keeping their attention on your website. Use your branding sparingly so you don’t send them packing, and throw new ideas and activities at them to keep them thinking about your message.