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“Local Inbound Marketing Agency Learns How to Be a Medical Spa in Record Time”

Recently, Go Time Marketing successfully completed a total website makeover for a client in the medical spa industry.

Medical spas specialize in non-surgical procedures such as facials, botox injections, non-surgical liposuction etc.

It was a difficult project because the medical spa industry is specialized and technical. Frankly, you need a medical background to create quality content in the medical spa industry.

But I’m a Marketer Jim…not a Doctor! (Let us know if you get that reference)

So how does a inbound marketing writer like me, get up to speed quickly?

Here are five tips on how I got up to speed and became a medical spa “expert” in no time flat. 

1. Research Your Target Market’s Needs

Before we did any work on the content, we needed to find out who our target market was.

We dove into the research and identified our client’s typical customers as 30+ year old, affluent women who have an interest in beauty, a history of proactively managing their looks and who live near Milwaukee WI.  

We also knew through other research that women use blogs and social media to seek advice, get product information and make purchasing decisions.

We also discovered that women have a lot of questions about medical spa treatments.

Now that we understood what people wanted to know, creating content became easier. Researching on the web goes much more smoothly when you know which questions to ask Google.

2. Create A Content Matrix

Now that we understood more about what the medical spa’s customers were looking for, we could organize their website from a user’s perspective. We organized all the medical spa’s services around what was relevant to the customer. Not the other way around as you often see.

This is known as user-centered design. And it’s easier said than done.

One tool that helped was what we called Content Matrix. Sounds complex, but it was just a spreadsheet that allowed us to arrange the spa’s services in ways that made sense to people. Our solution was to create a top menu that identified the problem (ex: Acne) and led the visitor to a page that clearly identified all of the different medical spa treatments someone could use to fix their problem.

After looking at a ton of medical spa websites, I realized this very few spas were using user-centered design. It was our chance to differeniate the client.

This method of problem-based organization is a great way to capitalize on good search keywords. People are searching on ways to solve their problems. So it just makes sense to create content that focuses on their problems. Why make Google guess what your web page is about? Speaking of Google…

3. Ask Doctor Google

Inbound Marketing Help

For each medical spa-related ailment or treatment that I wrote about, I must have made 50 queries in Google.   I read forums, other medical spa websites, blogs and online publications.

I also learned how to search better. Here is a great tutorial on advanced Google search techniques.

After I learned about the subject matter, I sat down to write the content in my own words. This was educational in and of itself. When you write, you learn. 

4. Keep In Constant Communication

Learning the medical spa business was a team effort and one of the biggest saviors during this process was communication. We’re always plugged into Skype and Podio and Go To Meeting.  With these tools, we could ask quick questions, post interesting content or vet new ideas without disturbing co-workers.

5. Interview The Experts

Our client is a medical doctor. She’s an expert in her field. So we asked her a lot of questions over the course of 2 months. All the interviews were recorded. I think we reviewed these interview 4-5 times before we understood everthing. This led to follow up questions that we asked in later interviews.

Have you been in this situation? What techniques have you used to become an “expert” in an industry? Leave something in the comments, we’d love to hear back from you!