Personalized experiences produce more revenue.

Starbucks writing your name on your coffee cup sells more coffee. Sales execs that personalize emails, presentations, and discussions sell more.

Personalized content experiences has become an expectation for B2B buyers. Their buying experiences outside of work has shaped their expectations for buying solutions for their business. B2B marketers know this but struggle with personalized content, especially at scale. It is impossible to create a personalized ebook or blog for every business. The cost & effort kill these ideas before they hatch.

Is it impossible for B2B marketers to provide personalization at scale? NO!

Business Execs want to know how to improve THEIR business and overcome THEIR challenges. They are actively evaluating your solution as the answer. One proven personalization approach is to create an interactive assessment and invite your prospects to answer 15-20 questions about their business and receive personalized recommendations, insights, and analysis about their business.

Personalized content experiences achieve several important outcomes:

  1. Prospects now think about THEIR business and THEIR challenges differently because they received personalized recommendations. Prospects understand how you can help THEIR business. This value builds trust and loyalty.
  2. You as the marketer have confidence that the prospect got the right message & value for THEIR business. Typically, Marketers don’t know what prospects take away from consuming non-personalized content like blogs, videos, whitepapers, etc. Buyers don’t have the required knowledgeable & experience to consume content and figure out what it means for their business. Deals are silently lost every day when prospects incorrectly come to the conclusion your solution can’t help them. Interactive assessments ensure these deals aren’t lost.
  3. Marketing identifies prospects that are demonstrating buying intent. Executives that are actively looking for answers to their business challenges take assessments. You can’t ask for a more qualified lead.
  4. The sales team benefits from seeing the personalized assessment scorecard that is provided to prospects. Account Executives are now able to personalize their outreach and discussion to add even more value to prospects. Prospects and Account Execs having a shared understanding of the challenges allows for more opportunities to be identified, higher conversions to opportunities, and accelerated sales cycles.
  5. The personalized value provided by marketing and sales results in higher win rates. Who else understands the prospect’s business as well as you?

Interactive assessments are very successful forms of personalized content. HubSpot credits their Website Grader assessment from taking them from 3 employees to IPO.

Take the 9Lenses Marketing Funnel Assessment to experience an interactive assessment (personalized content). You will also understand how well your marketing funnel is converting leads into customers. You will receive a personalized scorecard immediately after completing the interactive assessment.