Content Creation

Creating content and that too on a regular basis is a problem for marketers. I regularly hear stories that marketing veterans can’t find more ideas in order to create more content. This is the marketers version of writers block. With millions of websites online there is a pretty good chance that some people are already creating content within your niche. Now this throws up two type of opportunities for you. First you have an idea of what is popular within your industry and you don’t need to waste too much type researching of what kind of content you need Just watch closely and copy the experts.

Second is that it’s quite possible that the kind of content you want to produce is already being produced by someone else. So pay attention to details and improve on efforts of others. You can analyze content your competitors are producing and improve the message or include some things which they haven’t covered in their blog or eBook.

content marketing explosion

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Content Marketing Explosion

There is a content marketing arms race going on and companies,businesses large and small are in the process of creating more and more content. But just because of this reason most of the content which is being produced is CRAP. So before creating content have these things in mind:

  • Your content must be created with a purpose in mind.
  • You must have buyer personas and create content according to these buyer personas.
  • If you don’t have any idea why you are creating content then please don’t create it. You are not going to achieve anything if you create content without a purpose, or if your content doesn’t solves problems of your audience.
  • Propose a solution to your client’s problem or answer one of their question through your content. Never forget that popular content is most of the times educational in nature.

Ideas for creating content

At some point of time you will find yourself running out of ideas on how to create more content. You will feel that you have used all of your ideas and now can’t create more content. At this point of time you need to scan closely your competitors websites and blogs. There you can find plenty of ideas for content creation. Another option is to hear your consumers on social media such as facebook,twitter . Follow your consumers closely and you will get a better understanding of their problems, what problems they have with your service/product and what kind of features they desire you in this way you can come up with more ideas . This kind of content is what your readers are already looking for and you will not face any difficulty in promoting it.

Reformat your content

This is one of the most cited things in content marketing and one of the most ignored one also. This has been proved scientifically that the same content when provided in different formats can increase your conversions in a significant way. A good example is of Crazyegg provided by Conversion Rate Experts. They have mentioned in this article how using video with the same message as in the sales page increased conversions by 64% . So think what different formats you can use for your content. Using text is O.K but many times you can get more conversions by reformatting the content in an ebook, video, white paper or a powerpoint presentation.

If you have any other tips on how to generate ideas for content creation then please share with me using comments. Please share this article.