describe the imageThink for a moment about all the things you know about your product: you know what it’s made of, the process involved in producing it, the unique features that make it perform better than competitors’, your product’s relative durability…

Now think about how little if any of it your prospects know, and how seldom you or your sales team gets the chance to discuss it with them. How do you make sure they get the information you want them to have in order to buy from you? By blogging.

For those who are uncomfortable with the idea (those who ask, “What would I write about?”), think of blogging simply as a page on your website that changes regularly and where you can present all the reasons your product is superior. That content is probably already created in some form and simply needs to be put out there for prospects to see:

• Data from industry reports that support the benefits of your process or materials or delivery time

• A video from a recent trade show that lets viewers see the excitement around your product

• A case study that outlines a customer challenge and how your product solved it

• A testimonial, in written form or video, from a customer telling why he or she is now a loyal customer because of the solutions and service received

• A presentation you gave to a prospect that provides an overview of your company, an outline of your product’s features or explanation of how your production process (always write in a way that demonstrates how your product benefits customers)

• Results of an online poll you conducted that demonstrates the need for the features your product offers

Another major benefit of blogging is that search engines love blogs; blogs represent fresh new content. One primary principle of Inbound Marketing is that you regularly create and present valuable content that attracts search engines…and, consequently, attracts the attention of your target.

Remember that everything you present should reinforce that your product or service is the solution your prospects are looking for – that it answers the challenges they face. It isn’t hard to find content; you simply need to think of all the things you’d like to tell a prospect if you had the chance. This is your chance.