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Anyone can create an e-book. It just takes a little bit of effort and time but is well worth this investment. In fact selling eBooks has become a great way to earn passive income for me.

Myths About Creating Ebooks

  • People often avoid creating their own product to sell an e-book because they think it is a massive project to undertake. Unfortunately this means that they will never take action.
  • People often presume that their work would not be good enough to sell.
  • You need to make a perfect e-book to sell online and this can only be done by professionals.
  • Ebooks are old news now and no one buys them. (No way! This is just the beginning!)

How I Started Creating E-Book’s To Sell My Website

My first E books that I created were from articles that I had on my website already. For example I had an entire section on my website about formatting Windows XP. I gathered all of the content together and created an e-book, selling it for $3.95. At the end of all the articles on the website that where related to formatting Windows XP, I placed an offer to buy this e-book, therefore saving people time. The benefit was that if they purchased the e-book, they would have the information in their own hands all in one convenient package. Of course the other option was to go through all of the articles on my website and have the content for free. Therefore people were offered a free option or a paid option. But many people preferred the paid option as it saved them both time and stress.

Finding a Subject for Your Ebook

The most sought after e-book that I have is one that solves a problem or helps people avoid stress.

For example:

  • An e-book that shows how to use a program.
  • An e-book that shows how to build a website.
  • An e-book on how to make money online.
  • An e-book on how to start a broken computer.

These are just examples of E books I might like to write in my niche. All you have to do is think about what people want. You can examine your best content on your website to see which area you should be writing your e-book about. As stated earlier, I found that my formatting Windows XP section on my website was extremely popular, therefore I created a product from this. All of the examples above either save people money, time, or stress.

How to Create the Content for My E-book?

Content You Already Have

Well I entered part of this question above. You have the fantastic original content right in front of your face on your website. Your content is an asset and should be used in many ways, not just one. If you have website visitors and people commenting on your articles then you must have some decent content to use for your new e-book. Gather highly related articles and package them into PDF files. You do not even need to create an e-book cover, but of course it would make your e-book look professional.

PLR is Cool

Another place to find content is to join a PLR website. This is a website that supplies content for a living. For example I am a member of Master Resell Rights and I have PLR articles, programs, themes, e-book’s, and many more types of content available at my fingertips. I do not directly use this content, but I use it for ideas and a base to start from. Just say I wanted to write an e-book about using Google Plus. I would download three or four different PLR reports from the member’s area and compare and collate these reports into one. Then I would rewrite and add fantastic content and images to the report. This will add my personal touch. Let me tell you why I am still a member of this website and pay 19.95 per month.

  1. I learn crazy tips and tricks from all the content.
  2. I need the ideas to keep my content production flowing.
  3. It is a bargain! The best money I have EVER spent!
  4. PLR saves me time by cutting my researching time down by 50%.
  5. I get free WP Plugins, software, graphics, themes, and more.

Outsource It

If you are stuck for content ideas and you do not have content on an already established website, no problem, just outsource the project. That sounds extremely easy, but to be entirely honest with you, outsourcing is not easy. I have been outsourcing projects for more than five years now and it has taken me this long to find my own great writers that I can really rely on. Trust me; I have had some bad ones! I have had people that have stated that they are experts in particular topics and definitely were not. I have had people send me scraped content and sometimes even directly from my own websites. (That one was not amusing!) Anyway I am not saying that you should not try outsourcing, I just think that you should be very careful and be prepared to waste a bit of money.

The main outsourcing sites are Odesk and Elance but it does not matter which one you choose as there are good and bad contractors on all sites.

How to Organize and Format E-Book Content

Organizing your e-book with an easy to read structure is very important. Think about what you should be talking about in a logical order. Obviously you cannot talk about building a website until you have somewhere to host a website. Also you cannot build a website until you choose a content management system. All of these steps go into a certain order and you must think about this when writing E books.

Here are some quick tips on how to format your e-book:

  • Use MS Word. Keep it simple. Save as a PDF file type.
  • Add Headings and Subheadings ( I use H1 and H2)
  • Make a TOC (table of contents) or I have a free Word 2007 eBook.
  • Large font (12-14)
  • Chapters = H1 Subheadings = H2

We can use my free Ebook about How to Build a WordPress Website to see the format I use.

Brand Your Ebook

Branding your e-book is very important, just like branding your website or your business. There is no point creating an e-book if you have not branded it with your particular logos, URL, and contact details. Here are some quick tips for branding your e-book:

  • Add Social networking buttons to your book. I have a free ebook you can download that shows how to do this.
  • Add your logo.
  • Make an ebook cover or buy one from Fiverr.
  • Add a footer message/copyright.
  • Link to another goal at the end.

Where to store your PDF

Setup Payment Processing For Your E-Book

Nowadays you have many options when it comes to payment processing for your e-book. If you have a website you can simply create a PayPal buy it now button for people to directly pay you for your e-book. This method involves you uploading your PDF file to your server so the buyer can download the book when paid for.

  • Create a Paypal Button (fees deducted at each sale, cheapest way)
  • Signup with E-junkie ($5 a month, I haven’t tried this)
  • Jv Zoo (The new kid on the block, great features, second cheapest)
  • Clickbank ($50 setup fee then fees deducted on sales)

Create a Base Sales Page

Create a sales page for the Ebook. This can be on your website or on another domain altogether. I have made complete mini sites dedicated to ebooks, I have sold ebooks from larger websites and I have just simply given them away. All of these methods still require a sales page as you need somewhere for your book to live. As for the sales copy, do not worry too much, just tell the truth. show people the clear benefits to buying or downloading your book and do not ramble on too much. The best way is to make a sales page and then tweak it gradually so you can learn what works. Never make big changes. only small ones, so if something improves you will know exactly why.

Create a Thank You Page

After purchasing your Ebook you now know that the person landing on the thank you page is a ”buyer”. So this page is important and should be tested and tweaked to reach more goals. Do not just end the process there.

Setup Auto Delivery or Download

There are a few ways to do this. For example, if you are using a E-Junkie you can upload it to their servers for auto delivery. However if you are going it alone and using a Paypal buy it now button, there are a few more steps involved. If you are uploading your Ebook to your server, you need to take some precautions to secure your download. For example you can no index and nofollow your download page. These are SEO options in my WordPress theme but if you do not have Thesis then you can manually nofollow and noindex a page through your robot.txt file.

Promote Your Book

Of course you want to promote your Ebook just like you should promote each new blog post, the difference is you should not stop.

  • Give it a prominent position on your website.
  • Guest Post about it often.
  • Give a teaser away.
  • Give copies away to influential people in your industry and ask for a testimonial. Post these testimonials on your sales page.

Take it Further

I am not writing an eBook here you know so I will give you some quick tips to promote your eBook further.

  • Publish a sample on document sharing sites. You can get this done for $5 on
  • Upload to Amazon as a Kindle Book. If you want to take advantage of the free promotion method you must publish exclusively to Amazon first.
  • Try some viral marketing strategies, especially if your book is for free.

If you think your not ready to create an Ebook or you are not good enough, think again? All steps to earning a decent income online involve action taking steps. Just go out and take action and forget those stupid excuses NOW!