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According to Custom Content Council, up to 55% of consumers are attracted to custom content and would likely buy the products or services of the content provider.

Content marketing is a great way to convert your visitors to buyers. It is also the cheapest form of advertising and for acquiring customers.

Here in this post, I am going to show you how to create content that can convert turn your visitors into customers.

Step 1: Know the keywords your potential customers are using to find your product/service.

Most consumers will love to find information on a particular product or service before they make a buying decision. During this process, they use commercial keywords to search.

The mistake most business owners are making is that they use lots of informational keywords to write content for their websites. You need to know the difference between commercial and informational keywords. Although, you can still generate a good amount of traffic to your website using informational keywords, but, it may be difficult to convert the visitors to buyers.

This is because those who are searching for informational keywords are not in a buying mood. They are looking for more information on their topic. Examples include:

i. How to get rid of a headache naturally

ii. How to install WordPress plugin

iii. Make smoothies at home

iv. Free ebook download etc.

These web searchers are not ready to buy. They want you to give them free information. But people who are ready to buy will use the “buy now keywords” and the “product keywords”.

So, the question is, how do you get commercial keywords for your products/services?

To get commercial keywords, you will need to do a bit of research. This will enable you to uncover keywords that actual buyers use to search. When you get these keywords and use it to create content, you will be converting your visitors into buyers.

So, let’s get started with Commercial keywords.

There are two different categories of these keywords and they are:

1. Buy now keywords

People use this kind of keywords when they are ready to buy. They have their credit card in their hand. The keywords include:

* Buy

* Coupon

* Discount

* Deal

* Shipping

* Order

* Purchase

Examples include:

“Hostgator discount coupon”

“Buy Coffee maker online”

“car rental deals”

“cheap clothes online free shipping”

2. Product keywords

Products keywords are more specific than “buy now keywords”. Web searchers are looking for a product category, brand name or service. They are still reading information about the product they want to buy. In other words, they are not as ready as the buy now category of searchers. Keywords in this category include:

  1. Top 10
  2. Best
  3. Review
  4. Cheap
  5. Affordable
  6. Comparison
  7. Brand name
  8. Product name
  9. Product category

I am sure you have come across such keywords as listed above. Examples are:

Top 10 coffee makers

Best hosting services

Coffee maker review

Cheap laptop

Affordable shipping services

Analytic services comparison

Toshiba laptop

Samsung Galaxy phone

WordPress themes etc

Commercial keywords really convert very well.

The question now is, how do you find these keywords?

Luckily, there is a free keyword research tool you can use for it. It is called Google keyword planner tool. So head over to- and log in with your gmail account.

Here, I will work you through the process. Let’s assume that I am selling coffee maker machine.

I will type in “coffee maker” as shown below:

Then click on “Get ideas”

Click on Keyword ideas and you will see different kinds of keywords. Can you identify buy now keywords and product keywords below?

coffee maker01


“Espresso machine” is a product keyword

“Best coffee maker” is a product keyword

“Cuisinart coffee maker” is a product keyword etc.

Now, you have your commercial keywords. How you do you write an engaging content on it?

Let me show you how to do that using simple 2 steps:

1. Write an attention grabbing headline

According to Copyblogger Media, 8 out of 10 persons who see your headline will click to read, if you craft if well. The best place I go to look for inspiration on writing viral and engaging headlines is BuzzFeed. They have lots of style. However, you have to make sure that you deliver what you promise in your content.

Below are top Buzzfeed-style headlines you can use:

  1. 23 reasons why you should use a Cuisinart coffee maker
  2. 17 awesome features of espresso machine that will blow your mind
  3. Read what people are saying about Cuisinart coffee maker etc.

Another method you can use is to search google for top five headlines about your products or services. So, going back to google to search for our coffee maker, we have…

cofee maker 2

  1. The 10 best coffee machine
  2. 21 best coffee makers and coffee machine reviews
  3. Best coffee machine 2015 – buying guide and top picks
  4. 14 best Espresso and best coffee machines
  5. The best coffee makers of 2015

Let’s attempt to modify the first one. We have…

Top 10 coffee machines you should use in 2015.

You can use this style to create great headlines for your content.

2. Create an in-depth content

Now, you have the topic to use in creating the content. The next thing is to start writing. You need to create an in-depth content that will educate and give your readers enough information to help in making an informed decision.

There are myths circulating online concerning how long an article should be. Some say, it is better to make it short (300 – 500) words while others say longer content is the best.

According to a research carried out by SerpIQ, it was discovered that the longer the content, the better the chance it has to rank high in Google result.


Google’s web crawler, Googlebot indexes every website. It searches for every word, tag and information. The more content you have on your website, the more of it gets indexed.

Do you want to know the juicy part?

When you write long-form content, you increase the time visitors spend on your website. Increasing time spent on your website will encourage your visitors to trust you more. They will easily trust your product or service. The more visitors stayed, the more they will check out what you have to offer, thereby converting them to buyers. You can read an in-depth explanation on how to create in-depth content on Kissmetric.

So, start creating highly targeted content using the “buy now keywords” and “product keywords”. Make sure you create long-form content to enable you to convert your visitors to buyers.

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