YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with almost 30,000 hours of new YouTube videos uploaded every day. Cisco forecasts that online video consumption will double by 2015 to 1.5 billion and it’s expected that people will watch up to an hour of online videos each day. We are a visually driven society, and let’s face it; most people never get past 140 characters anyway. Have I lost you yet? Vlogging is quickly gaining traction as an alternative to blogging but also as a way of adding value to a traditional blog post. Younger audiences are more likely to watch video than read text; videos are shared more often and videos go viral. Here are some steps to setting up your vlog and getting the word out.

What am I going to talk about?

Think about what you want your vlog to focus on. Once you’ve narrowed down your vlogging personality create an editorial calendar with 6-10 different topics you can vlog about over the next month. Sketch out three to five talking points on each topic. Remember to add a little humor and personality to it (i.e. don’t be dry and don’t read off a piece of paper). The most successful vlogs have a lot of personality variation and seem as if they are off-the-cuff. Remember you usually lose people after two minutes; keep your vlog short, sweet and to the point. Offer your viewers a takeaway — something that they can actually implement. This could be a website they go to for further information or a list of tools they can use to take action. Even better- create a series where the viewer gets to build upon what you vlogged about by coming back for the next episode. Create demand by making it entertaining, informational and engaging. Nobody likes a talking head. Check out Wine Library TV for some great examples of a well put together vlog.

How am I going to this?

There are some great tools to assist in vlogging. You can record right off your iPhone and upload directly to YouTube or you can use a flip or handheld digital camera. You can get creative and add some pizazz to your vlog; tools like iMovie , Final Cut Pro and Window’s Live Movie Maker make it easy to add graphics, headers and text to your vlog. I like to add parts of infographics from Tools like Viddy (a social mobile application that lets users shoot, spice up and share their short 15-second videos) and Go!Animate (a video editing tool where people use their own voices combined with animated characters and creative visuals) make video editing fun and creative. They also help make vlogs go viral by adding creative elements that capture people’s attention, and both services offer free accounts. Remember to add sound effects to your video. Think about what your call to action is and make sure that you are talking about whatever additional elements you might be showing on screen.

How am I going to get anyone to watch this?

You’ve created your storyboard, sketched out your editorial calendar, filmed your video, edited it for content and a call to action, and made sure that it’s engaging, informative and entertaining. You think you’ve got a winner. But how the heck do you get people to watch it? Think about using Google AD words for Video; you can target by age, demographics and interest. Plus, you only pay when people actually click on your video. Since Google owns YouTube this is a great way to get top billing on YouTube and Google. Your video will pop up in search results and blends seamlessly with the other content. Also make your video easy to share by including all the share buttons for sites like Facebook and Twitter but also bookmarking sites like Stumble Upon. Register your vlog with blogging sites like AllTop and Technorati. Think about putting a link to your video blog in your newsletter, at the bottom of your signature or putting a QR Code on your marketing materials that link back to the blog. You can use a service like to transcribe you video content into a written blog post so that you can benefit from the SEO value and make sure you are reaching all audiences.

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