B2B inside sales, B2B telemarketingIn our last blog post, we talked about how even a B2B inside sales company can generate more leads through content that isn’t grounds for a snooze-fest. Well in this one we’ll be continuing on from where we left off and go over some other ways to help your content loose that boring feel and get you more readers, more views, and less people closing the tab your page is on in their browsers!

You probably already know just how important content is, the problem with that being that you need to come up with ways to glue your readers’ eyes to their computer screens. As such, you’re going to have to pull out all the stops and start creating content that will capture the interest of your prospects, and give your loyal readers (and those who aren’t) a reason to keep coming back for more. Moving on, here are the tips you need to know:

Pretty pictures. Use plenty of pretty pictures.

Do you honestly think that big blocks of text are attractive? If you’re comparing your content to that of any book you can find in a store, then you’re taking your thoughts in the wrong direction. Books are appealing because they put the reader in a state in which they themselves can imagine and visualize what’s happening as they are told in the book. You won’t get the same effect from a blog post that is directed to business, either that or from your articles. As such, it’s good to add a little something in your posts and content to help capture the eyes of your readers. What’s the answer? Pictures! Lots and lots of pictures! And don’t just resort to using stock photos, make use of your awesome graphics design team and tell them to come up with visually appealing content, eye candy if you will.

Big blocks of text… as tall as the Empire State!

Five to seven hundred words in an article… hey, it can even go up to as much as a thousand! And well, that really isn’t going to help out when it comes to capturing the attention of your readers (thus the point about the pictures up there). However, we can’t help but create big blocks of text when it comes to creating informative and quality content such as blog posts and articles. Woe is you! What can you do? The answer lies in proper segmentation in your posts. Cut one of those really long paragraphs in half where you think it’s appropriate to; go add some bullets; highlight and separate the key points in your content; it’s all there. So do we say yes to big blocks of text? Occasionally, yes. All the time, no.

Go on, be a selfish [email protected]@rd. Write for yourself.

Forgive the profanity, but it really doesn’t help that when you write you only write for yourself. Using content to generate B2B telemarketing leads isn’t about shining the spotlight on your company, no, it’s about giving your readers content that helps answer their questions and gives them the information they are looking for from a service provider of your stature. Write for your audience and not for yourself! (maybe a little self-promotion on the side may do you good *nudge nudge wink wink*)

Thus ends another post in this series about non-boring content. We hope you look forward to the next installment as we once again give some tips on how to not stir up a snooze-fest.