B2B inside sales, B2B telemarketingSo, let’s start with how we can bore our readers into putting a gun to their heads! First off, you need– wait, where the heck was that train of thought going? *slaps self* Bad marketer! No! Whoops, looks like we got a tad carried away back there, but rest assured, that’s NOT what this blog post is going to be about. If you want to effectively generate B2B telemarketing leads, then we’re going to help you out by giving you some advice on how to do it through your content. So, let’s move on!

Marketing through content is every effective! Given of course you can keep your reader’s eyes glued to their computer screens. Although there ain’t any sure-fire way to do so, we can always come up with ways to come up with content that is interesting and helpful, something which answers the needs and gives our prospects a reason to keep reading, and more importantly, to keep coming back for more. Here are some tips for you:

Oh, you did what? That’s really interesting.

It’s high-time we stop being such promotional dolts! Nowadays, we can’t live by being purely self-promotional. As such, it’s time to start talking less about ourselves and start talking tips and advice! If you’re a B2B inside sales company that is looking to generate more views from content, then you’re going to have to start offering quality advice which you think your clients and prospects need and are looking for. Ever had a friend just talk about their weekend? How boring was that? The same applies in your content marketing plans.

Keep talking like a professional marketer. It really helps.

Professionalism! That’s what we’re about as a company, and of course, what we want to keep our prospects and clients seeing us as. However, it’s not always how we should conduct ourselves. If you want to come up with content that keeps people reading on, then stop talking like a marketer! Not everyone understands the marketing jargon we use, such as B2B, or market segmentation, or even supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (thank you Marry Poppins)!

Try to put everything as simply as you can as not all your readers may have an understanding of the terms we use in marketing. Ever went to English class with an encyclopedia in hand, and having to use it as reference all the time just because your professor is using big words? Well, that’s how a post filled with too much marketing jargon feels!

I do not make jokes. I’m a robot.

Having a sense of humor is not good… nah! Having a sense of humor is pretty much important when it comes to creating quality content! What do readers want to feel when they read content? Well, they want to know that the person who came up with that content is human and understands their needs. They don’t want to feel like their learning from a machine.

Machines don’t have emotions, but humans do. So, do you think it’s inappropriate to crack a joke every now and then in your blog posts? The answer is no, it isn’t inappropriate. If you want to keep your readers from getting bored, or feel like it’s getting too serious as they keep reading, then give them a little bit of humor! It will surely help.

Thus ends this blog post… part 1, at least. Stay tuned for the next blog post in which we continue our little topic on how to NOT create boring content.