What is Scoop.it?

Scoop.it is a powerful content curation tool that allows you to pool information into an online newspaper.

Why is it powerful? Because it provides you the potential to become an authority in your area of expertise, without ever writing a blog (although I wouldn’t say this is advisable).

Imagine that, becoming an authority blogger?

This video shows what scoop.it is and how it works:

Scoop.it lets you create an online newspaper that takes snippets of the articles you select to include, and then links back to them. This is a great feature, especially when you scatter your original content amongst everything else you’ve “scooped”.

We think this is powerful because you automatically cite and give the owners of the content credit for their work while promoting it and driving traffic their way (this means they shouldn’t have any issues with you doing this). Secondly if you’re including your own original content, you’re simultaneously link building and improving your website’s traffic. You also don’t have to worry about your content being lost in the crowd, because you’ve got the ability to highlight important articles which will take them to the top of the list.

These are just a couple of the notable features Scoop.it gives you:

  • Scoop.it trawls the web using your keywords for relevant content. You then choose which pieces of content you want to scoop. This means you make sure everything is relevant
  • When you find something on the web, you can scoop it straight away.
  • When you buy a premium business plan for scoop it you can customise your scoop.it pages and even host from your own domain.
  • Increase your inbound links by including your own blog content.
  • Be seen as an authority on a subject without spending hours upon hours writing posts.
  • Measure your success with Analytics. – Both Scoop.it Analytics and Google Analytics

How can businesses can use it?

By becoming THE source of knowledge for your niche.

Moderate a kick-ass online newspaper that gives the people in your niche all the information they need and then promote it. If you’re doing a good job of curating and promoting, people will look at it.

Include your own content and this will help drive people into the territory you control. Once they are on your site, you need to make sure there is enough related, engaging content there to keep them on your site! If they find your information useful, they will come back, and if they find a reason to come back, they may convert into customers.

So go take a look at Scoop.it and find a way to make it work for you!