5 Ways To Become A Content Marketing MachineOne of the most important aspects of your personal branding strategy is creating high-quality content to show your expertise and build your online authority. Why do you need to produce original content for personal branding? Research has shown that 61% of consumers feel better about a brand that creates original content, and 90% of these consumers find a brand’s content to be useful. Even more staggering, studies have shown that brands who blog get 67% more leads a month.

If you create high-quality original content, people will trust you and eventually buy from you. <Click here to tweet this.>

You may be thinking: Content marketing is so time-consuming! Yes, it can be. However, you can streamline your content marketing process with these five tactics:

Content Marketing Tactic #1: Identify your areas of creative strength

For maximum content marketing efficiency, ask yourself this question: What are my areas of creative strength?

Are you a good writer? Do you prefer to shoot videos? Take pictures? List your creative strengths on a piece of paper. These are the types of original content you should create because you’re good at them.

For example, if you can’t make heads or tails of Photoshop, don’t waste your time trying to create graphics. It will take too long and leave you frustrated. Instead, outsource what you’re not good at and focus on your creative strengths.

Content Marketing Tactic #2: List the types of content you can produce

What types of original content can you create about your areas of expertise? The best way to come up with content marketing ideas is to brainstorm a list of original content pieces you can produce. Fire up Microsoft Word or your open up your favorite notebook, and start writing down ideas. Try to list 50 ideas, and then go back and revise your list.

Remember, content marketing doesn’t only mean blog posts. Infographics, Instagram videos, PowerPoint presentations and press releases are some of the many types of content marketing pieces you can create.

Content Marketing Tactic #3: Audit your current content

Take inventory of any content marketing pieces you’ve already created. Chances are you can repurpose your current content into something new.

For example, if you wrote an ebook, think about repurposing each chapter into a blog post, or convert the material into a PowerPoint presentation. If you completed a video series, have them transcribed into a blog series or small ebook. Get creative on ways to leverage what you’ve already produced so you aren’t re-creating the content marketing wheel.

Content Marketing Tactic #4: Determine where you’ll post your original content once it’s complete

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you will save time if you think about where you’ll publish your content marketing once it is ready . The following graphic will help you determine some of the best social media sites for different types of content marketing.

Where to place your content marketing on social media

Content Marketing Tactic #5: Use a content marketing calendar

Now that you’ve determined your areas of creative strength, brainstormed what you can create, determined what content you can repurpose and figured out where to post your content, you can place all of this information into one place – a content marketing calendar.

Maintaining a content marketing calendar is the best way to stay ahead of your content marketing demands. You’ll always know what types of content you need to produce next and where you’ll be publishing your content marketing.

It doesn’t matter what type of calendar you use. Some people prefer a desk calendar from an office supply store while others use a Microsoft Word template. Make your calendar work for you. Plan at least six months’ worth of content (ideally, a year is best), and you’ll never be at a loss for what types of content to produce for your personal branding strategy.

By following these five tactics, you’ll find your content marketing efforts will be less of a chore and more of a benefit for building your online personal brand. Planning at the front end of the content marketing process will make you a true content marketing machine!



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