One of the key elements that you’ve either experienced or will experience as an online business owner is the vast amount of incredible content out there on the web.

From articles to blog posts, it seems content has taken a front seat on a full throttle engine.

Notice I use the word incredible content. But incredible doesn’t always have to mean good. The guy setting the world record for jumping to Earth on the very edge of space was incredible. 10 pages of words that can be summed up in 1 is incredible. Crappy content can also be called incredible.

The over-communicated prospect desperately wants eye relief from the endless abyss of the Internet.

Eye relief in the form of something new, inspiring, informative and helpful.

And your business is just the thing to give it to him.

Steps and formulas are an Entrepreneurs’ best friends so here are the steps to offering your prospects some much needed eye relief:

Step 1

Start with a survey. is great for this. Ask questions with multiple choice answers that are of interest to your list.

Something like, “What has been the most difficult aspect for building your list?”

Then offer answers like:

A. the tech stuff

B. getting traffic

C. creating a freebie

D. knowing what to send

E. the basics (getting it started)

The answers to these questions give you a place to start.

As a side note, this was one of the questions in my actual survey that led to the creation of the Raving Fans List Building Formula. The most popular answer was E. There were several gaps I identified with other list building products, so this product covers all the basics, plus more to fill in the hole that existed within the other products.

Step 2

Check your Google Analytics in depth. This is something we all say we do, but we don’t really. After checking visits and maybe pageviews, it all starts looking too numbery so we leave and go do something else.

But take 10 minutes or so and really look at the numbers – the content pages, the traffic sources.

Are there a few pages on your site that get the most views? This is worth noting – perhaps visitors are indicating a need for eye relief and your content is it.

Look at the visitors flow under Audience. What are they reading and then going to next?

These little things can tell you a lot about what visitors are finding intriguing.

It can also give you a glimpse into being able to fill a hole with something incredible.

Step 3

But what if you have a small list or very little Analytics data? Well then you’re stuck. No advice here.

No, of course not, you’re never really stuck. Maybe in a rut, but never stuck.

If you have nothing to go by, then reach out to others in your field and talk to them.

Ask them questions – Listen to what they say.

Spend some time on Facebook or Twitter and see what the hot topics in your niche are.

Take a couple of those topics and go deep into them. Don’t just do one blog post, instead do a series of posts or videos.

Package up your series and it becomes a product.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

One example to wrap up with:

Kindle books.

This is a highly popular and highly exhausted topic.

But there are still holes in the information that can be filled.

“How to Choose a Title” for one. “How to Choose a Winning Category” for another.

Google them – a little research will reveal that there are lots of holes and therefore, lots of room for improvement.

As you dig down into a topic, you’ll find there are many perspectives you can offer that haven’t been exhausted to the point of overload.

Just remember, amazing content = filling a hole that exists among products already in the marketplace. And not just by filling it up with more words or fluff…

But by filling it up with incredible content. Content that tells them something they don’t already know.