Visual Content marketing is not a new concept – advertising images have been around for pretty much as long as people have been buying and selling, but in these days of Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube, visual Content is being consumed on a much broader basis. A Recent article we published gives 15 beautiful reasons to make your Content Marketing Visual, so I won’t repeat all the statistics here, needless to say that for some people and businesses a constant stream of great quality visual content is much harder to achieve than others.

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If your business is any kind professional services firm, or standard office environment, it might be difficult to think of things to photograph or video. Likewise, many small businesses don’t have a dedicated marketer, or someone specifically targeted with creating images! Many firms have got used to the idea of trying to keep a website up to date and manage comments on a business Facebook page, but to really grab some extra attention from people who might just be passing through your page, pictures and videos are one of the best things to add.

So for all you people who might fall into the “Visually Challenged” category hopefully these ideas will be the perfect boost to your imagination!

“How to” video

Is there a question that comes in all the time from your customers? Consider making a short video just to answer that question! Even if it’s something that seems really mundane like “How to fill in an insurance claim form”. On the surface, it might seem daft, but you’re giving clients the opportunity to help themselves to information that might otherwise leave them frustrated, and you’re also going to free up time from your staff who might be answering that question 5 times per day.

Photo diary

Give clients a real behind the scenes look at how your business works. Many professional services firms like Solicitors, can seem daunting and impersonal to their clients so show your human side. Think about expanding the theme for each different department, or at different times of year depending on how your business runs.

Customer competition

What better way to get engagement from your clients by incentivising them to get involved! Ask your clients to submit photos on a theme that you can link to your business, however tenuously and publish the best pictures on your website or Facebook page. Make it a weekly or monthly feature so people know that when they come back to your site there will be new pictures to look at.

Inspirational pictures

Think along the lines of a page a day calendar and look out for great or inspiring quotes that you can post. Make them visual by overlaying the quote text on a picture. Sites such as Pixlr allow you to do this quite easily.

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Snapshot of the Day

Turn Paparazzi and upload a quick snap every so often. Whether it’s the new flowers in the office, someone’s messy desk or the boss taking a nap at his desk! Photos perform best for likes, comments, and shares on Facebook so make sure you capitalise on this by getting your pictures out there.

Message to customers

If you are launching a new product, or if it’s coming up to a busy time of year then you could address your customers together! A short piece, where you let them know about a special offer, a great performance or some other significant news can add a real personal touch if it is spoken rather than as a written announcement.

Slide show

By slide show, I don’t mean a 3 hour collection of your holiday photos! Sites like Animoto allow you to create short slide show style videos along with music and text. These can be put together fairly easily and are an excellent way for the camera shy amongst us to create professional looking short films. Take a look at one of our Animoto films.

Commission someone

If you really have an important point to make, perhaps part of a big campaign, then consider getting professional help. For a quality video that you can use time and time again, and that can be used to help strengthen your brand then sometimes there is no substitute for expert advice. I’m sure you’ll have seen a poorly put together, low quality video somewhere that will have lowered your expectation of that business. Don’t let that be you. If you can’t make something at the right quality to impress people then maybe you should try going about it a different way.

However you choose to go about adding visual content to your online strategy, remember that as well as being popular with web users, well optimised pictures and videos can also really help your Search Engine rankings.

If you have any other ideas for how to add visual content then please let us know!