Not to be outdone by read-later tools like Instapaper, Pocket and Readability, Amazon recently unveiled a Send To Kindle button that can be added to blogs and websites—and if you’re a content creator, we recommend putting this plugin at the top of your “to install” list.

The button, which is designed for both websites and WordPress blogs, is the latest in a line of read-later tools developed by Amazon. Last year, the company launched Send To Kindle buttons for Chrome and Firefox, and the newer plug-ins represent the continued evolution of the service.

“The Send To Kindle button lets you easily send that content to your Kindle to read later, at your convenience,” as written on the Kindle Daily Post. “Just send once and read everywhere on any of your Kindle devices or free Kindle reading apps for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. The Send To Kindle button is also great for those who want to collect content from the web to use in work projects, school assignments or hobbies.”

How To Install The Send To Kindle Button On Your Website

Installing the Send To Kindle button on your site is fairly straightforward. If you want to add the button to your website, Amazon offers step-by-step instructions. After customizing your button style, tell Amazon how you mark the title, author and publication date on your pages (whether through Open Graph,, hNews, Blogger/Blogspot or a custom CSS selector). Next, you’ll share how you mark the main body of content on your pages and whether or not you sell a periodicals subscription on Kindle. Once the info is entered, Amazon will generate a widget code that you can then install on your site.

How To Install The Send To Kindle Button On A WordPress Blog

To install the Send To Kindle button on your WordPress blog, simply download the plugin, head to your blog’s admin panel, click the Plugins tab and activate the new plugin.

These days, people encounter a lot of content as they surf the web. Giving your audience more options to consume your content when it’s convenient for them will help boost your content’s readability and reach—your readers will be happier, too, now that they have more options available to fit the information they want into their lifestyles.

Have you given the Send To Kindle button a try? What do you think so far?

Image: [cipher] via Compfight cc