Content marketing tends to be a shared effort between your content agency and marketing manager. This partnership works well, with each protagonist providing content for every stage of the purchase cycle. A content marketing agency is skilled at drawing up non-self-promotional content such as news articles, blogs, whitepapers and infographics. Conversely, a marketing manager has great skill in producing testimonials and web copy that shouts about your organisation. This combination of content makes for a well-rounded marketing effort that will nurture leads, drive traffic and increase conversions.

Content is the responsibility of marketing, right?

Are we viewing this relationship in a black and white manner? Should content production fall solely at the feet of marketing or should other members of your company get involved? A good content marketing strategy is one that engages your audience and encourages them to learn more about your products/services. To keep your prospects listening, you need to know what interests them. Who better to advise on this matter than the sales team? After all, they are out in the field talking to your consumers on a daily basis – so get them involved.

Isn’t it best to leave content to the professionals?

It’s true, the writing side of content marketing should generally be left to qualified professionals such as journalists or chief content officers – but content marketing isn’t just about the writing, it’s about strategy and this is where sales come in handy. Firstly, sales can provide feedback on what issues prospects are having difficulty with – giving vital information that can help with planning the next editorial calendar. If there is an area of your industry that your consumers are struggling with, then address that with your next piece of content. Sales can also flag up any internal content resource gaps, allowing you to plug these holes with content that supports your messaging and nurtures your consumers.

Sales can blog too…

Why stop with advice? Why not get the sales team even more involved – after all, their knowledge of the industry and competitive landscape means that they could be great assets for blog writing. Blogs are not only a great way of getting them involved but they are also traffic-boosters. It’s a win-win situation!